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The mono design, the segment of the diamond market is not diversified … jewelry is difficult to compete.

An expert in jewelry industry admits: “Speaking of models, our jewelry still loses many imported goods by manipulation techniques are not sophisticated, not yet manipulated jewelry is too focused on quality. Whether gold ought to have left a large part of the mass consumer. ”

Completely inferior

In recent years, cheap jewelry from overseas landed in the country. For small jewelry, firms are difficult to compete. There are also jewelry shops at the markets that sell jewelry imported from silver and platinum to precious stones. For this year, the types of jewelry “popular price” from the foreign land into the market is more diversified with a variety of types of stone, diamond, Not only foreign jewelry from China but many types Sophisticated jewelry of Hong Kong, Italy has also “rảiy” on domestic gold shops at competitive prices. According to a representative of SJC wholesale jewelry, Italian and Hong Kong models are very beautiful and diverse, domestic jewelry is very difficult.

Domestic enterprises are also “facing” the risk of losing market share when the “price is still lost … imports”. The expert said: “The price of foreign fashion jewelry is more competitive than so it is difficult to cover up.” Meanwhile, enterprises and units of jewelry production are often “powerful people do” so the product is not uniform, and often do not “launch” the big orders should be weaker compared to foreign goods.

Run later!

Jewelry in the country before the foreign power is the domestic enterprises so far when working jewelry mainly focused on the gold material. While gold is constantly increasing, the demand for consumer jewelry has shifted to other commodities with low prices. Recently, most of the large jewelry enterprises of the country, but many visitors can not choose to buy the product satisfactory, although the demand pretty big. Brother Bach (District 10), a customer visiting this fair, said that want to buy a reasonable price shake hands to girlfriends on November 20, but the shake cute, white gold, the lowest price Also 3.4 million / unit. “I just wanted to buy a shake for a souvenir, cost about 1 million, but find the fair is still not available,” he said.

The expert also said that the U.S jewelry market is facing the period of fierce competition with foreign goods, especially jewelry imported from China. According to Long, for Vietnamese jewelry to compete with foreign goods, besides diversified models, products must also “divide” more segments. “In addition to wedding jewelry, jewelry made by the enterprise, the business must be aimed at beauty jewelry, fashion jewelry only as fashion jewelry for the majority of people in European countries,” he said.

Also identifying the market segments that most jewelry company promoting the low-end jewelry line, the 10k, 14k white gold push the diamond line, Diamonds are artificially designed and orientated to pearl, gemstone products.