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Roof Access


Having roof access in an apartment building is one of the greatest things to have.  Most people do not think about that when trying to find an apartment. Most people think about the obvious important things like how many bedrooms they need  and how many bathrooms they want. Then there are the less important things like is there a dishwasher and how many people can fit in the kitchen at one time. For some reason, most people don’t ask about roof access. Maybe the reason for that is because people are afraid of heights. But that is a small percentage of people. Most people don’t ask about that because they just do not realize the value of having roof access.


Park Slope


There are some obvious reason why I love having roof access. One, you are able to host as many people as you want and you are not limited to how many people you can fit in your living room. The roof goes over the entire building, even if a small area is blocked off you will have a lot more space than your dining space in your apartment. In addition to the more space, people are able to walk around comfortably. In an apartment where space is tight to move around you have to jump over chairs. With the amount of room, there is on a roof it can be done easily without everyone bumping into each other.


Second and in my mind most important, the view. I live in Brooklyn, New York and the view of the  city from my roof is amazing. On a nice evening, I can sit on the roof either by myself or with friends for hours. We just sit there and steer into the stars and gaze upon the beautiful lights of the city of Manhattan. It is like steering in a beautiful diamond from Beverly Diamonds. You can just sit there and be amazed for hours. Therefore, the next time you are looking for an apartment makes sure to look for one with roof access


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