When is The Right Time to Propose to Your Girlfriend?

No doubt, the proposal must be set, when the feelings of the two people to the level of enthusiasm. Propose too early or too late will decrease your chance of success. So, when love is time? Perhaps it is only the two people in love that will know, but we can know when you should propose to your loved one as follows: you two loves and truly understand each other, and cannot live without the other.


When proposing, choose the right time and place to push for a successful proposal. When the mood of the girl is not happy, it is likely that she will not accept the proposal. That is why you don’t want to propose when the sun is harsh or she is tired from that day’s activity, only in the moonlight, fragrant flowers, or cool in the suburbs in the spring.

Propose with caution

The love of each person is not the same, so the proposal is different, not follow any pattern. Some of the recommendations below will be helpful to the boys who are preparing to propose, anyway, the problem of marriage proposal should only be when your love reach maturity. The problem is that the root of the problem is the physiological and psychological needs. In terms of biology, love is the processor means of reaching the goal of pairing. From a sociological point of view, love is the goal of marriage. Therefore, marriage is the indispensable to achieve the combination, the lovers must go through the challenges and reach maturity.


The girl before the approval should have a relatively long time to think carefully. Marriage is a great deal of life on both sides, men are not allowed to act indiscriminately, women cannot arbitrarily give themselves to embrace the hateful life-long mistakes.


The attitude of the proposal need to be natural, but the words need to be clever when proposing, the guy should not go straight to the subject immediately say and say, “I love you, I want to marry you.” Asking for such words is foolish, showing that he does not understand the psychology of women. The girl may love you but just to stay in her heart, she does not easily say the words: “I love you.” When you give her a clumsy proposal, her love is reduced. This does not mean that boys must deceive the girls but the boys need to understand the psychology of women, successful proposal are often the ones who can make women satisfied.