Regulating Beverly Diamonds will not make a difference

Regulating Beverly Diamonds will not make a difference.
Regulating Beverly Diamonds will not make a difference. In fact, Beverly Diamonds feels that the regulation is unfair. The reason Beverly Diamonds feels this way is because it played no role in the financial crisis yet it is nevertheless subject to regulation. In fact, Beverly Diamonds was a victim in the 2008 collapse. The 2008 collapse led to a significant decrease in Beverly Diamonds business. As a result of the above, Beverly Diamonds is having trouble understanding why it is that regulators are watching it.
Instead of keeping a close watch on Beverly Diamonds regulators should be watching life insurance companies and the like, not diamond manufacturing companies. Furthermore, the company finds it hard to understand why regulators are placing regulations on all of Beverly Diamonds activities. Instead, regulators should be targeting the precise activities within companies rather than targeting the general companies as a whole? Withstanding the above, the Fed is determined to regulate every aspect of Beverly Diamonds and seem to not understand the inherent weaknesses of this method.

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The big question most people fail to ask yet Beverly Diamonds is asking how is all of this new regulation will make the slightest difference. The behavior of those that caused the recession will continue no matter what kind of regulation is put in place. However, this new regulation will not affect Beverly Diamonds. This is because Beverly Diamonds has learned very well how to react and cope with a global recession.
Beverly Diamonds has learned from the mistakes it made in the 2008 recession. In fact, by the middle of the recession, Beverly Diamonds was flourishing better than ever before. Beverly Diamonds is now fully prepared for the future of recessions and financial crises that may occur. But even with this amazing growth and strength that Beverly Diamonds has exhibited over these last years, the company will not stop improving. Beverly Diamonds will continue to be a global leader in innovation and adaption. This will allow Beverly Diamonds to be a leader for generations to come, this is why regulating Beverly Diamonds will not make a difference.