How to Measure Your Finger Size

A diamond ring is a jewelry that is very popular with many women. Women wearing rings to show each person’s personality.

If you are a direct buyer at a physical jewelry store, you will be directly tested different ring style and setting. But for customers who buy online, it is difficult to know the exact size of their hands to know which finger should you wear your engagement ring. Therefore, there will be a lot of customers have the issue of how to measure the most standard ring size. Here, we will guide you two ways to measure ring size quickly and accurately.

Use Your Old Ring to Measure


You can find a ring, and then remove the student’s diameter in the ring (for example, you measure the diameter = 1, 8 cm) and report back to the salesman, This is relatively accurate and easy to do.

Using Paper to Measure Your Ring Size

To do this you need scissors, cut the 5 mm paper board with the tip of a chopstick and wrap it around your finger for the pencil to mark the contiguous area, then use the scissors to cut the mark. Measure the length of your paper (for example, 5.8 cm) and divide it by 3.14. Then you calculate the diameter of your ring and tell the salesman the measured length. It is also very accurate to measure ring size as well.

Note: If you want to be accurate you should do the measurement again 2-3 times.

In the case of cold weather, your fingers may be smaller than normal and you should add 1 mm to the perimeter and 1 mm to the other when the weather is hot. In case your joints are large, you should measure the circumference near the joint (not on the joints) so that when the ring is easy to slip. Also, remember to clean your ring often.

Hopefully with the ring size measurement as above will help you measure the most accurate rings and choose the most suitable rings.