Four Jobs Need to Prepare for the Perfect Wedding

wedding planning checklist

A wedding is the most important event in every person’s life. However, not everyone knows how to nurture their happy day completely and meaningful. If the idea of preparing for the wedding for you two is still vague, let My Discount Diamonds show you the 4 tasks needed and begin to implement them gradually from today.

wedding planning checklist

1. Wedding Planning


Planning is always necessary and the first step to take for anything. Preparing for a wedding party requires a clear plan, specifically:


Where is the wedding organization?

How many guests are expected?

What is wedding dress?

What is the Wedding Tracks?

Do you decorate your wedding or rent a wedding decoration?

Finally, determine the budget required for the wedding plan, including a fixed budget and contingency budget (costs incurred).


2. Choose a wedding date


In some cultures like Asian culture, viewing age, choosing a wedding day is very important and is usually decided by parents of two families. Therefore, couples should consult parents early to prepare for the wedding ceremony was completed.


In addition, you should also actively choose the wedding day to match the schedule of both, while also taking into account the leisure time of the majority of guests (in the city usually Saturday, Sunday). Choosing an early wedding day will help you know how long you will be preparing for the wedding so that you can plan for the work to be done in the best and most timely manner.


3. Physical examination


The mistake of many couples is often to skip pre-marriage examinations for subjective and trusting their partner. However, a pre-marital health check is very important and essential, avoiding the problems of reproductive health or infectious diseases in order to keep the family happy.


So, no matter how busy the couple is, couples should still choose a day to have a health check together before the wedding including general health and reproductive health.


4. Choose wedding dresses


The question that many couples often wonder is whether to dress or hire wedding dresses. This depends on the time of wedding preparation and wedding budget, as well as your preferences.


If the wedding dress: The couple needs to prepare 2 to 3 months in advance, sew and check to see if it is okay.

If you rent wedding dress: Usually you should reserve 1 month before the wedding day to ensure the selection of beautiful clothes, the best.


5. Choose a wedding ring


AnĀ Inexpensive diamond engagement ring will stick with you throughout the marriage, so careful preparation to buy rings is an important work, can not be ignored. The bride and groom should spend two to three months before the wedding day to begin choosing the ring. Because not all couples choose their favorite ring design from the first try, which can be ordered according to their own measurements. You also need to find the best diamond store to purchase your engagement ring. We would recommend Beverly Diamonds for your source of purchasing discount diamonds. Each people take different time to shop for the ring, that is why you should start choosing a wedding ring as early as possible.