Four Beautifully Shaped Diamond Rings for The Bride

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To make it easier for you to find and select beautiful diamond rings for engagement, we will show you the most popular engagement ring designs for the seasons and they are extremely beautiful.

Particularly for the engagement of Westerners is much simpler, usually only the presence of the groom and bride. It is possible that he and she would go out and eat and drink. At mealtime, in the most unexpected moment after his mental preparation, he took her hand and, more solemnly, kneeled and took out a small velvet box and opened it inside. is a beautifully selected diamond ring that fits her pretty fingers, and then he opens his marriage proposal. Of course, she would be very touched and happy, accepting his proposal.

Although the two rituals are completely different, the purpose and content are similar in that the presence of the ring as witnesses to the couple’s love affair and the first knot to tie their lives together.

wedding sets

Classic Style

This is a ring with a thin metal ring with a single diamond or cuts round gemstone that is a classic engagement ring is a lot of women, especially the Women are classics, romantic favorites, so it is also a popular engagement ring.

Bringing elegance and elegance, the solitaire ring can embrace every hand and is a never-before-forgotten ring. The most popular and most expensive is platinum due to its high strength, brilliant color, prominent, able to hold the stone more firmly and less scratched. White gold is the material chosen by many brides and grooms for their modern looks. Some people prefer yellow gold because it seems traditional, warm colors and is suitable for mounting lower quality diamonds.


  1. Nature and Flowers Inspired Ring Design

Natural-inspired decorations, especially the beautiful, pink roses, will bring a sweet romance to the engagement ring. If the girl you love is a nature lover, flowers and flowers, these products will help you win her heart.

Some beautiful diamond rings are made of both rose gold and white gold, creating a special touch effect on the flower details on the ring body. Imagination, the creativity of the ring designer is infinite. Engagement rings engraved with flower motifs usually have stone or diamond shaped designs. Decorative leaves are usually light blue stones highlighted prominently. Engagement rings need not be too expensive, just the guy to let his girlfriend feel the sincere feelings are enough for a girlfriend to say three words: I agree!


  1. Wide and Large Engagement Ring


The larger engagement ring with the large stone in the middle is highlighted by the small stones around the floor. This is a beautiful diamond ring pattern suitable for girls and in recent years this type of ring is loved by many couples. Delicate beauty is designed meticulously meticulous will satisfy her at first sight. This design features a large stone, you can completely replace white stone with color stones to suit your personality as well as her preferences. This design makes the ring more magnificent.


  1. Fancy Shapes Engagement Ring

If your bride is still a simple girl who likes classic style but still wants to be different, a solitaire ring with a fancy cut diamond will be the choice. wise. The second most common type of cut after the circle is the elegant square cut (princess). Other popular fancy diamond cut patterns include princess, emerald, oval, Asscher, marquise, square / rectangular cushion, trilliant, heart, pear. The “celebrity” brides have contributed to the roll