The Five Creative Way To Propose | My Discount Diamonds

Have you both loved each other for a long time and are going to get married? You are a headache thinking that the proposal she was both romantic, and suddenly she could not disagree. Come on, let My Discount Diamonds reveal to you 5 ways to make her say “yes” to your proposal.

Proposal with pet dog

If she’s an animal lover, petting your pet is a great idea for you. She will be happy to shed tears if a beautiful day you hold a small dog on the words “Will you marry me?”. Or if she is a cat lover, you may love the ring in the necklace of the lovely cat to send her. Your cute dog, your cat will make her easily more pleasing.

“Coffee cup message”

If you are a romantic couple, and cafes with quiet space are the place to date regularly. You can easily get coffee mugs this message. You can ask the sweet guy to make a matching kiss on the surface of her favorite drink. If she loves the surprise, you can leave the message at the bottom of the cup, she will be very surprised and interesting when the beverage cup goes away, is also the line of love letters appear.

Team proposed marriage majestic

This way many young people apply, but its hotness is not relieved. Friends are an indispensable part of this proposal. You can practice a flash mod dance together after the performance is over you kneel at her feet and give her the ring proposal.

Crowd effect

The wedding proposal will be made in public, you and she will be the two main characters. Passers-by is the audience, when you propose to her, the audience will clap cheer for you.

However, this way is more dangerous than the proposed team because you will not have any sympathy when unfortunately be refused. Make sure you have probed her!

Puzzle game

This proposed marriage is often seen in Korean romantic films, but it does not appear popular in Vietnam. This way is as follows, search and capture the letters to mate into a complete sentence that you want to tell her. Use a simple piece of software to merge the entire picture together, do not forget to insert a romantic piece of music, and send it to her. Make sure she will be happy to cry for you.