How to find the diamond ring that fit your hand

Different engagement rings fit different finger types. When you try on engagements ring for fun or shopping, you’ll quickly find that not every style looks as good on your finger as it does in the display.  Therefore, it is important to find the most flattering ring for your unique finger shape and size, be it short, long, slender or wide. This blog will let you know which type of rings that will fit your fingers.

Long and thin fingers

This finger shape can fit with almost all types of rings such as round, oval, and square shape. The ring that has a cushioned rectangular diamond or a princess rectangular diamond will probably fit well with this type of finger.

round engagement ring

The ring with rectangular shape fit very well with long fingers

This style makes the diamond outline look softer but still distinctly different from the cut of the diamond. This diamond style symbolizes the romance of the woman who wears it. Princess-style cut diamonds with a square shape with the sophistication of the diamond are the choice of those who cherish tradition style.

Short fingers

Many people with short fingers often think that it is difficult for them to choose rings, but that is not true at all. However, a round stone rings will probably make your fingers look shorter. You should choose stone or diamond face that is not too large so that the ring will not “swallow” your finger. The rings with grain-shaped, pear-shaped or teardrops will most of the time make the fingers look longer.

marquise ring

People with short fingers should choose wedding ring with grain face

Chubby fingers

A small ring does not help chubby fingers not only make your fingers look smaller but also makes your fingers look bigger. A ring that is too small will significantly look much smaller compare to your big, chubby fingers. You should choose the ring that have many levels and big to make sure it covers the first third of the knuckles. Furthermore, dual rings with multiple rings piled on one another can help to hide your chubby fingers. Moreover, this type of ring will highlight and eye-catching for your fingers. The rings with grain or oval shapes are also the ideal choice for you.

big ring

Rings with thick plates will add beauty to chubby fingers

Big fingers

A small ring stone can be hard to noticed on your big hand. You should choose medium ring, ruby, oval or large diamond to make your fingers look slimmer and more compact.

oval ring

The oral ring face fit best with big fingers

Small fingers

Heart-shaped, oval, circular or square-shaped can fit the shape of this hand. However, you should not choose rings with thick plates, large face will make hands look smaller. If you have longer fingers, you can also try grains on the ring.

small face ring

The ring has a small face suitable for small hands