Beverly Diamonds Reviews

small face ringCustom Designing a Ring from Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds have a team comprising sales associates, gemologists, jewelry designers who together aim to provide exceptional products and exceptional customer service. This online store has been in the jewelry business since 2002. They mainly offer a wide range of preset diamond jewelry to customers.

Many write positive Beverly Diamonds reviews of wedding bands and engagement rings with diamonds. Some of these customer feedbacks are also for custom diamond jewelry, which Beverly’s designers specially made for them on request.

So if you are going down the custom route for a ring, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Select Your Diamond Jeweler Carefully

This decision will affect how well the whole process goes. It is important to work with a reputable jeweler with experience in designing and making jewelry. Your other half will wear this custom ring for the rest of their life, so you want the piece to be well-made and of the highest possible quality.

One more aspect of choosing a jeweler is discovering one that shares your vision and that is willing to work on it. You want a jeweler that listens to your say on the design and incorporates your input in your ring. If that jeweler focuses mainly on one design that is fully different from what you have in mind, then you may find the process to be more complicated.

From the Beverly Diamonds reviews, it is evident that this LA-based jeweler is willing to take customer inputs and implement those in the final piece. Further, it is a breeze to initiate the process of custom designing with Beverly Diamonds. You only have to upload a photo giving them a better idea of how you want the finished product to look like, give some details about your design preferences, and your personal information. Based on your input, their team will make a 3D design, then a wax model and will eventually turn it into the piece you want. The final ring will turn out to be just like you told them to design.

Find Inspiration for Custom Ring if you Want

If you find a ring identical to what you have in mind, you can also tell Beverly Diamonds to create one like that for you. Just because you are having a ring custom-designed, it does not mean you need to conceive every aspect of its design from scratch. Why bother taxing your brains when there are many rings available on sites like Beverly Diamonds from which you can take cues. Browsing the selection of your preferred jewelry store can help determine which kinds of diamond rings you like.

You might also like certain things about many different rings too. You might want to combine the features of many rings into a perfect design. For instance, you might prefer the shape of the Beverly Diamonds reviewscentral gemstone on a ring, the metal detailing on another, and the arrangement of diamond accents on a third piece.

Your inspiration does not need to always come from other gemstone engagement rings. Just point out details about any piece that catches your attention or that has a similar look and feel you wish to capture in your engagement ring. A skillful designer will be able to incorporate those elements into one beautiful ring design, as per your instructions.

If you want some inspiration, there is nothing wrong in going through some Beverly Diamonds reviews and looking for details on trendy designs.

Enjoy the Process

Of course, designing your own diamond ring requires several decisions. It is easy to become overwhelmed during this process. If you find yourself feeling like stressing about the choices, then focus on why you are doing all this. At the end of the day, designing the ring has to be a memorable process, capped by your proposal moment.