Beverly Diamonds Quality

Beverly Diamonds Quality


Beverly Diamonds Quality can always be trusted because the diamonds are enhanced at the source. Right after the diamonds are cut less than 2% of the diamonds are chosen to be enhanced. The enhancement process is only able to be done to about. In general clarity enhanced diamonds are extremely rare and difficult to purchase. The average jeweler doesn’t carry clarity enhanced diamonds and if they do they have a very limited inventory. The best place for a consumer to go and purchase a clarity enhanced diamond is to an online reputable manufacturer of clarity enhanced diamonds. As far as center diamonds go, you can always trust the Beverly Diamonds Quality.

The Beverly Diamonds Quality enhancement process is one of the best in the industry. The enhancement takes place immediately after the stone is cut, this is unparalleled in the diamond world. We all know that only very few diamonds are chosen to be clarity enhanced & obviously not every single inclusion and flaw will be able to be eliminated. Actually part of the art and science behind the treatment process actually has a tremendous amount to do with finding and choosing specific diamonds where the inclusions are near the surface of the diamond. The Beverly Diamonds Quality selecting process for choosing there diamonds to be enhanced is very meticulous and has been for over 15 years. After they are chosen, these diamonds are considered “treatable” and the inclusions disappear smoothly and are no longer visible to the naked eye.

Only a limited select few individuals throughout the world even have the means or the ability to physically perform the “Treatment Process” or “Clarity Enhancement Process”. The technology needed for enhancements is a proprietary technology and is kept hush hush, and top secret throughout the industry. Only a very few companies have the exact formula and mechanics along with the measurements and science to complete a quality enhancement process. Diamonds&Gold Magazine wrote an article last fall stating that the Beverly Diamonds Quality Enhancement process is the most precise and mathematical process they have ever seen. Of course the details were kept quiet to the public.

The process of treating diamonds came into fruition in 1981 in Israel.  Since then Israel has still remained the pioneer in clarity enhancing diamonds. The scientific and or, technical name for the actual treatment behind the process of clarity enhancement is what we call “fracture filling”. Every single enhancement process to each individual stone needs to be completely customized for that specific diamond. The Beverly Diamonds Quality control and diamond selecting team tests the strength and durability of every diamond chose before the diamond undergoes the fracture filling process.

The Beverly Diamonds Quality that consumers all across the world have come to love is a combination of the selecting process, the actual fracture filling, and the treatment of the diamond afterwords. After the treatment, a microscopic quantity of filler is surgically and precisely injected into the drill hole. It obscures and tricks the actual light diffraction of that specific flaw in the stone. Which causes the light to pass right through the feather, instead of the light being reflected off of them and stopping the light. This is the real secret behind the Beverly Diamonds Quality which is found in all there rings.