Beverly Diamonds Complaints Online

buy diamond ringWhy You May Want To Buy From Reputable Jewelers Like Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds offers an extensive selection of jewelry online. Headquartered in the Los Angeles Jewelry District, this company is well known for giving a personalized service to customers. All jewelry pieces at Beverly Diamonds undergo stringent quality control checks. Each and every diamond is graded by their qualified gemologists.

You Need a Friendly Jewelry Return Policy

They also have a 30-day return policy. If customers are not fully satisfied with their purchase and have Beverly Diamonds complaints, then they may return that item in 30 days of the purchase for either an exchange or a full refund. You may have many Beverly Diamonds complaints, but you still have to meet their return eligibility criteria.

Depending on which product you have bought from Beverly Diamonds, you may be eligible for a refund or exchange. For instance, all infinity rings, eternity bands and customized pieces are not refundable because these are custom-made as per the ring design and size customers requested, but they can be returned either for an upgrade or exchange.

Their quality assurance team will check the item, which customers return. They will not accept any items that have been altered, damaged, or resized (by another jeweler).

Without any doubt, Beverly Diamonds have one of the customer-friendliest return policies. Provided that you meet all their criteria, you can return that item to them.

You are Looking for Education on Diamonds

The Beverly Diamonds website has educational information on the characteristics of diamonds, namely cut, shape, color, clarity, and carat weight. When choosing a diamond or diamond jeweler, you have to consider these factors. These educational details will guide you through the process of finding a diamond for a jewelry piece, which fits your budget and preferences.

You Want Quality Photos and Videos of Diamonds or Jewelry

When shopping for something as pricey as a diamond ring, you will wish to see a quality video or photo, which will allow you to look at it from various angles. Some customers complain that they do not have this option when buying from their local jeweler.

Beverly Diamonds have not just photos but also videos for you to examine rings. This jeweler even went a step ahead by using 3D videos to make the purchasing process easier for customers. All this will help you make informed purchase decisions, and will negate any chances of having trivial Beverly Diamonds complaints.

You Want to Make Your Own Ring

Besides offering a stunning collection of preset pieces, Beverly also offers you the option to have your ring custom designed. Their website makes this process so easy and foolproof. All you have to do is upload a photo, which will give them a better picture of how the final piece will look like, give some details about it, and your personal information. Their designers will then work on your input and custom produce the sort of ring you would like to have.

You Want to Buy Ethical Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds has a collection of jewelry set with conflict-free and lab-made diamonds that meet the demands of eco-warriors. This jeweler trades in only conflict-free diamonds. These are buying a wedding ringdiamonds that have not been mined in armed conflict areas and not been traded illegally to fund the fighting.

They source all diamonds from reliable and known sources and meet the standards set by the Kimberly Process. The online retailer does not support illegal mining, so they do not have conflict diamonds in their collection.

What’s more, lab-grown diamonds are also ethical products, and they have a nice collection of jewelry featuring these artificial stones. They have characteristics identical to natural diamonds, are more affordable than their natural counterparts, and are ethical diamonds.

Because of all their best practices, there is no room for having Beverly Diamonds complaints on ethical grounds.