Beverly Diamonds bringing people together

Did you ever hear Beverly Diamonds  bringing people together? The company is constantly working on creating an atmosphere that is non-judgmental. The company in fact, recently hosted a reading of the story, Recitaff. Managers at Beverly Diamonds felt that the reading of Recitaff would have a positive impact on its employees. The story was written in 1983 by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison. It is a powerful story about the relationship between two young girls of different races. She used the short story as a platform on which to comment on the roles played by race and class in society. Beverly Diamonds knows how important it is to understand the role race plays in society. The company is doing everything it can to combat inequality within society. Beverly Diamonds is bringing people together.

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In Recitaff, Roberta and Twyla, the main characters, start off the story as young girls thrown together through circumstance. Beverly Diamonds views the characters as they grow up and reunite sporadically over the years. Their relationships and interactions are things that Beverly Diamonds learns from and tries to emulate each day.  One interesting theme throughout the story is the fact that the girls are aware of their differences the reader is not, as neither character’s race is clearly explained. By removing obvious racial identities from Recitatif, Morrison is able to study society’s self-organization and segregation. As a company, Beverly Diamonds too removes race from its work environment. The company tries every day to create a non-racial environment. It such an environment, everyone is treated completely equally, regardless of their race. o the story unfolds each interaction between Roberta and

To Beverly Diamonds, created a racially neutral workplace is extremely important. This is because the company understands the value that such an environment brings to a workplace. When everyone feels accepted and equal that creates the perfect situation for effective collaboration. In this respect, Beverly Diamonds has been very successful. The sense of unity and care that one feels when entering into the company’s Los Angeles headquarters is quite something. Beverly Diamonds bringing people together.