Diamond Color

Diamonds are a kind of precious stones that appear in nature in various forms of color. Actually, the diamonds that appear in nature after sharpening are usually white to yellow. To identify and classify diamonds, an internationally recognized color table is used. According to this table, the color is written in Latin alphabet from D to Z. The color of the stone is white, symbolizing it as near the beginning of the alphabet, the white one with the symbol D.
The color classification must be done by an experienced professional by comparing it with the previous color-coded master stones. When comparing collating, all basic observation conditions must be standardized. For example, the normal white balance of light is 5000 to 5500 K (D55), according to the similarity to the stone in the sample table that the stone considered is denoted by the color of the sample stone.

diamond color chart

Determining the exact color of a diamond is important, as the value of the diamond depends on its color. The more colorless diamonds (towards D), the higher the value, while the colored diamonds at the bottom of the table (towards Z) will be much lower.

However, the color of the diamond depends on the size. Small diamonds, the difference in color will be large. Therefore, if you buy diamonds in small sizes, you can choose diamonds with water in the G range instead of diamonds in the D – F range at very high prices.