Diamond Carat

diamond carat

Carat (ct) is a unit for measuring the weight of diamonds. The size of the stone is measured in millimeters (or mm). It is possible to use the size to deduce the approximate weight of the stone or vice versa, with a weight parameter that can estimate the size of the stone if the stone is made according to the standard.

The value of the diamond is proportional to its weight (or size). The larger the carat weight, the higher the value. However, the diamond’s carat price does not increase evenly according to its weight. From low to high levels, prices can range up from 5 to 50%. Low-quality diamonds are cheaper than diamonds of higher quality. Therefore, when considering the price, it is necessary to compare diamonds of the same size, shape, and quality. Typically, diamonds are divided by the following weight classes for pricing:

carat chart

In addition, other types of stone can also be estimated from the weight or vice versa.The reference table below is from Bluenile about the relative proportions between the weight and size of different types of diamond stones: