Finding A ring for Your Groom

  When one thinks about getting engaged, one thinks about the ring for the bride. However, the groom needs a ring too to wear. The whole process involves both the bride and groom. At the time of getting engaged, only one individual proposes to the [Read More]
spot fake diamonds

How to Spot Fake Diamonds

Currently, there are many fake diamonds, low-quality diamonds on the market. Therefore, many customers will wonder how to distinguish the real diamond to avoid buying fake goods. In order to help customers answer the above questions, we would like to share with you two ways [Read More]

How to Measure Your Finger Size

A diamond ring is a jewelry that is very popular with many women. Women wearing rings to show each person’s personality. If you are a direct buyer at a physical jewelry store, you will be directly tested different ring style and setting. But for customers [Read More]