The Importance of Diamond Certification in Beverly Diamonds

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Diamond Certification Tips

In the process of buying loose diamonds, it is very important to consider the 4C’s of the diamond. It is based on these 4C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat, that the value of the diamond is determined. The grades of these factors will come only in the certificate that is provided by a reputed gemological laboratory like the GIA.

Not all the loose diamonds sold in the diamond market have a GIA certificate or a certificate from any other trustworthy gemological laboratory. However, Beverly diamonds are quite different regarding this. All the diamonds that are sold by Beverly diamonds have a valid certification. This is clear from the numerous Beverly diamonds reviews that are given by the customers.

Diamond certification is very important to ensure that you are buying a diamond, which is a quality product. As there are numerous fake diamonds and fake diamond dealers in the industry, the importance of diamond certification is very great.

Some of the major reputed laboratories that inspect and certify diamonds are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), IGI (International Gemological Institute), etc. All these laboratories grade the diamonds based on its 4C’s and also specifies the flaws, presence of fluorescence, and other necessary details about the diamond. The areas that are graded are the same for all these laboratories, but the system of grading differ.

When you are buying your diamond, make sure that you get a certificate of grading along with it. Ensuring that you receive a certificate can help you to be at peace because the certificate will give all the authentic details about the diamond. There will be nothing hidden from you, and you need not fear if the seller is deceiving you into buying a fake diamond. Except for the grading report, there is no other way for you to know the authenticity of the diamond you are purchasing.

You must also remember that a grading certificate from a gemological laboratory does not put a monetary value on the diamond. You can do this with the help of a local gemologist. Keep in mind that the value of a diamond may change over time. If your diamond undergoes regular wear and tear, it might lose the original clarity, and you may have to re-certify and re-appraise it to know the proper value of the same.

Choose to buy from a trusted diamond dealer like Beverly diamonds to ensure that you get the best value for your investment.