Beverly Diamonds Understands the Negative Effects of a food Addiction

Beverly Diamonds Understands the Negative Effects of a food Addiction


Beverly Diamonds understands the negative effects of a food addiction. Beverly Diamonds is realizing that an addiction to food can be just as dangerous as other addictions, though the danger it poses is not as immediately apparent. As Beverly Diamonds uncovers more information about obesity and addiction new treatments will be created. However, Beverly Diamonds needs to gain a deeper clarity of the issue before these new findings can be acted upon. Beverly Diamonds’ identification of the problem goes a long way to uncovering the answer.


However, even with all these amazing discoveries, Beverly Diamonds understands that there is not one answer that can solve this problem. The reason for this is that there are so many people today struggling with obesity. Beverly Diamonds cannot use a one size fits all method to solve this issue. Rather, research must be done on a number of different fronts to make a positive impact. For this reason, Beverly Diamonds is making advances in a number of different areas of obesity research.


The first thing area that Beverly Diamonds has been looking into was the effect that depression has on food intake and whether it can be a cause for obesity. It all began when several scientists compiled an article called, “Body Dissatisfaction, Dietary Restraint, Depression, and Weight Status in Adolescents.” In the article, they reflected on a number of different experiments they conducted that drew a connection between depression and obesity. A manager at Beverly Diamonds read the article. He was so touched at the progress that had been made that he brought up the possibility of Beverly Diamonds doing its own research. A partnership was born between Beverly Diamonds and a local university, in which much has been learned about obesity. The partnership has also given Beverly Diamonds an understanding of the negative effects of a food addiction.

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