The Factors That Reduce the Price of a Diamond

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If you are planning to purchase a diamond you should be aware of some basic factors that affect the price of a diamond. There are certain factors which determine the price of a diamond and they are the 4Cs. The 4Cs of a diamond include the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. When you go to a jewelry shop for purchasing diamond rings or any other piece of jewelry with a diamond, you should have some basic knowledge to select the best diamond that is worth the money you are spending.

First off, you need to make yourself familiar with the 4Cs of Diamond. The first C stands for the Color of the diamond. If the diamond is colorless then it will have a high value. If the stone has a yellow or brownish tint, this will reduce its value. The diamonds that are colorless are considered to be perfect hence they will have the highest value.

The second C which is used to refer the Clarity of a diamond shows the inclusions in a diamond. The diamond might have some impurities in it and this will reduce the value of the same. The scratches or blemishes will reduce the clarity of a diamond and hence its value too. A diamond with high clarity will get the highest value.

The third C, which denotes the Cut of a diamond, is another factor that affects its value. It refers to the proportion and the shape in which a diamond is cut. If a diamond is not cut in the right proportions, the capacity of that diamond to reflect light will be less. The diamond will look brighter if it is cut in the right proportions. The diamonds that are cut according to the accurate proportions will get high value rather than those with inaccurate proportions.

The last C denotes the Carat weight of a diamond. The value of the diamond increases with the increase in carat weight. As diamonds with high carat weight are rare, they will have the highest value.

A diamond’s shape is also a factor which defines its value. The shape in which a diamond is cut determines its capacity to reflect light. The round-cut diamonds are higher in value as they are one of the cuts that increase the ability of a diamond to reflect light more efficiently.

When you are going to purchase a diamond you should be cautious about these factors. There will be a vast number of options available to you. So when you see an advertisement showing diamond rings for sale or any other jewelry with diamonds for sale, do not rush to purchase it. Understand about the value of that diamond before purchasing it.