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by Ruth and Justin on Beverly Diamonds
Great to Work with Beverly Diamonds

I and my fiancée did our ring shopping together. We decided we want to choose a lab diamond for the usual reason (more affordable than natural diamond, more ethical, and so on). After looking at some places, we ended up shopping at Beverly Diamonds following a referral from our friend. It was great to work with their team of diamond experts, including designers and consultants. They did not feel so pushy like some of the other jewelers we looked at. Their consultant was able to help both of us narrow down our options. They were extremely quick and responsive with the custom design process, and our ring turned out stunning. We will check them out for wedding rings also.

by Oveta on Beverly Diamonds
Thanks for all the Help!

I had some idea about the type of diamond and design I wanted, but still sought guidance on which ones would work best for my ring. Before working with Beverly Diamonds, I shopped around at more than 10 different jewelry stores across the US west coast. They were extremely sensitive to those online jewelers that compete with them and they marked up prices. Competitors of Beverly Diamonds failed to offer much personalization of experience or customization. This is where Beverly Diamonds stood apart. I always travel to work. Having the option to work with their consultant through email and chat helped design the perfect piece for my fiance. I got the ring timely on a Saturday, proposed on a Sunday, and he said yes to my proposal. So highly recommend Beverly Diamonds for custom ring designing.

by Scarlet Tindle on Beverly Diamonds
Helpful and supportive service

My significant other and I were married recently. We utilized Beverly Diamonds for my engagement ring and for both of our wedding rings. They have been superb to work with. When we went to check engagement rings we explored a lot. We felt that we found the items for the best value. More importantly we received the best service at Beverly Diamonds. They continued to help us even after we bought a diamond engagement ring. When we needed to get the setting for the diamond changed, they were equally supportive. Finally, when we were looking to buy our wedding rings, there was not even a doubt. We knew we would only go to Beverly Diamonds and we were glad that we did. The products were excellent and we strongly recommend visiting them.

by Alycia Gordan on Beverly Diamonds
Educational Experience

I strongly recommend Beverly Diamonds for anybody keen on purchasing a diamond ring or other related gems. I had recently visited a top of the line gems stores in the region and wound up not happy with the quality or administration. Later, I came to know about this spot through reviews on the web and I am happy I did. They are genuine dealers you can rely on. The staff there was friendly and they gave me useful instructions which is well past the ordinary stuff you get to hear at other diamond jewelers. After that, they helped me to discover only the stone that captured my imagination. What's more, they offered a decent cost for the same. The entire communication was positive and I cannot recommend them enough.

by Joanna on Beverly Diamonds
Stunning Ring!

I have nothing much to say about this ring except the fact that it is just amazing. The diamond halo setting just makes my centerpiece diamond look bigger than it is. Whoever said that this setting is going out of date needs to get their head examined. Now, how do I know it looks larger? My cousin is an expert in diamond and he told me this. I am getting appreciation on this ring every day, and I keep telling them that you are the ones who made it. I feel like robbing away all the credits for this wonderful ring from you, hence I felt obliged to write this to you.

by Alexia on Beverly Diamonds
Great Work on this Ring

After seeing this ring custom-made by Beverly Diamond designers, I am all the more intrigued by this process. I kind of regret the fact that I stopped my jewelry designing course a quarter of the way through. What you guys do, nobody else could. Designing jewelry is such a blessed profession, and I feel envious of Beverly Diamonds for the crafty workers they have. Now, to the main matter: my ring is stunningly well designed. I could not have asked for more. I feel the price I paid for it does not do justice to the amazing workmanship on display.

by Christopher Abigail on Beverly Diamonds
Loveable Staff

I wish I could give 10 Stars. John, whom I met at Beverly Diamonds store, is the most magnetic human I've met. He is so genuine thus eager to assist you with the most important buy of your life. John was prescribed by a couple of my friends and he was totally worth talking to. The engagement ring we ended up purchasing is exceptionally beautiful. I could not be happier because my partner was happy. She cannot quit gazing at her ring. The best part of Beverly Diamonds store is that they do not confuse the buyers. Instead, they educate you so that you can make the right choice. I will surely be back for future buys and I will suggest all companions, family, and associates visit Beverly Diamonds.

by Mira Edorra on Beverly Diamonds
Less fancy diamonds

I simply need to begin by saying, thank God I discovered this spot. It's an extremely hard procedure finding the ideal engagement ring; particularly when you are looking for a unique ring that stands out amid the crowd. My life partner needed a pear black diamond, not something fancy. I went to Beverly Diamonds with my plan since I recognized what realized what sort of ring she needed. They guaranteed me he would have the option to make the ideal ring for us. All through the procedure, he kept me updated and would send me pictures of how the ring was going along. Overall, it was an incredible encounter and Beverly Diamonds are a great place to head to if you are looking for diamond engagement rings.

by Michelle on Beverly Diamonds
Excellent quality, amazing price and stunning ring!

I got my husband’s ring in just a few days of ordering it. My hubby’s ring came out just wonderful. It is exactly what we thought it would be and looks truly stunning. The photographs on Beverly Diamonds perhaps do not do justice to the actual quality of this ring. In a way, it is a good thing that it looks more stunning in person than in photos. Otherwise, we would have been doubtful of the authenticity of this online retailer. There is no need for such things. I had a question concerning customization, and Beverly’s live chat really helped me there. I only needed to type my question in the chat box and in came the reply. I m stunned at the level of service you guys provide, keep at it.

by Zoe on Beverly Diamonds
A Professional Jewelry Devoted To Their Customers

I read a blog about Beverly Diamonds and found that your services have something worth noting about it. I came to know that you sell conflict-free diamonds and offer daily deals. The quality of Beverly Diamonds website proves that you are a professional company dedicated to customers. The degree of personal attention I unknowingly got reflects a dedicated and conscientious approach to service which is seldom seen in the online market. This ring is the most precious and lasting purchase that I will make. So I would recommend Beverly Diamonds to those who are looking for the kind of service I got herein.

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