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by Christopher Abigail on Beverly Diamonds
Loveable Staff

I wish I could give 10 Stars. John, whom I met at Beverly Diamonds store, is the most magnetic human I've met. He is so genuine thus eager to assist you with the most important buy of your life. John was prescribed by a couple of my friends and he was totally worth talking to. The engagement ring we ended up purchasing is exceptionally beautiful. I could not be happier because my partner was happy. She cannot quit gazing at her ring. The best part of Beverly Diamonds store is that they do not confuse the buyers. Instead, they educate you so that you can make the right choice. I will surely be back for future buys and I will suggest all companions, family, and associates visit Beverly Diamonds.

by Mira Edorra on Beverly Diamonds
Less fancy diamonds

I simply need to begin by saying, thank God I discovered this spot. It's an extremely hard procedure finding the ideal engagement ring; particularly when you are looking for a unique ring that stands out amid the crowd. My life partner needed a pear black diamond, not something fancy. I went to Beverly Diamonds with my plan since I recognized what realized what sort of ring she needed. They guaranteed me he would have the option to make the ideal ring for us. All through the procedure, he kept me updated and would send me pictures of how the ring was going along. Overall, it was an incredible encounter and Beverly Diamonds are a great place to head to if you are looking for diamond engagement rings.

by Michelle on Beverly Diamonds
Excellent quality, amazing price and stunning ring!

I got my husband’s ring in just a few days of ordering it. My hubby’s ring came out just wonderful. It is exactly what we thought it would be and looks truly stunning. The photographs on Beverly Diamonds perhaps do not do justice to the actual quality of this ring. In a way, it is a good thing that it looks more stunning in person than in photos. Otherwise, we would have been doubtful of the authenticity of this online retailer. There is no need for such things. I had a question concerning customization, and Beverly’s live chat really helped me there. I only needed to type my question in the chat box and in came the reply. I m stunned at the level of service you guys provide, keep at it.

by Zoe on Beverly Diamonds
A Professional Jewelry Devoted To Their Customers

I read a blog about Beverly Diamonds and found that your services have something worth noting about it. I came to know that you sell conflict-free diamonds and offer daily deals. The quality of Beverly Diamonds website proves that you are a professional company dedicated to customers. The degree of personal attention I unknowingly got reflects a dedicated and conscientious approach to service which is seldom seen in the online market. This ring is the most precious and lasting purchase that I will make. So I would recommend Beverly Diamonds to those who are looking for the kind of service I got herein.

by Abin Mathew on Beverly Diamonds
Great to Have My First Jewelry Piece Finally

Men do not wear a lot of jewelry, and I am also no exception. This solitaire ring is my first ever piece in all these 26 years. Beverly Diamonds have a nice collection of diamond rings, but since I was low on budget, I wanted something much less expensive. So I went for this alternative gemstone called moissanite as my ring’s centerpiece. I am told by Beverly’s experts that it sparkles more than a diamond does. They were also mindful of not overselling it, and told me where a diamond performs better than moissanite. So thanks to their expert tips, I was able to choose what is best for my budget.

by Kathryn on Beverly Diamonds
Great Craftsmanship by Beverly’s Designers

I was very thrilled with the purchase of Beverly diamond ring for my daughter. I was even more thrilled at seeing her happy reaction to my selection for her. She felt how I did about the quality and beauty of Beverly’s workmanship. She had a sample ring photo to upload on Beverly Diamonds, so that their designers could conceive another piece like that. I expected some variations from her expected standards, but it seems the finished design turned out exactly what she had in mind. I feel Beverly treated me just the same way I would have been at any reputable jewelry store. The only main difference was that I did not need to leave my home in bad weather just to find what she was looking for.

by Vincent on Beverly Diamonds
The Most Sparkly Diamond Ever?

We bought a diamond ring from Beverly Diamonds a few days ago. It came inside the quoted time and is perfect. I am very happy with the quality of the setting and diamond in it. My wife absolutely loves it, and she gets compliments on her ring every day. The brilliant cut gives her diamond more shine than most other diamonds and it is better than anything that you would find at a physical retail outlet. I perhaps saved 1 to 2 K on this ring, which makes it one of the best purchases I have ever made thus far in my life.

by Linda and Joseph on Beverly Diamonds
Great Engagement Ring! Goanna Get a Wedding Ring Soon!

Could not find a jewelry retailer which came anywhere close to Beverly Diamonds on price. The jeweler situated in my area is known for their pricing, but even that is much above than what I found at Beverly Diamonds. Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that Beverly Diamonds is a fully online store, and they do not have to bear the kind of overheads as that physical shop has to. Anyways, I and my fiancé could not more happy with the ring we got. Thank You Beverly Diamonds. We will also consider you guys for our wedding bands.

by Susan on Beverly Diamonds
Great Prong Set Diamond Ring

I was looking for an engagement ring with a setting that would secure my centerpiece stone. Thankfully, I did not have to shop around much because Beverly Diamonds had exactly what I was looking for. I went for this prong set solitaire diamond ring. It uses metal prongs that securely hold the diamond in the setting. This is called a basket setting because of the way it looks - strikingly similar to a basket itself. I feel perhaps I went for two prongs extra, but Beverly Diamonds consultant told me that it is a wise choice because it would mean that my center diamond would be that much safe.

by Eric on Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds Should Be Renamed To Beverly Jewelers

Now, why I am saying what I am saying in the title. The reason is obvious - Beverly has much more in their collection than just diamonds. Of course, I believe diamond rings are their main forte, but you could not take away from the fact that they have a superb collection of moissanite and other gemstone pieces. The best part is that these alternative gemstone rings are much more affordable than natural diamond rings of the same weight. I went for this piece named “ZINNIA” that is made of rose gold and features moissanite. I just love the look of this ring, especially its setting that looks like my moissanite is secured tightly inside a “basket”.

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