Tips To Save Yourself From Diamond Scams

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Beverly Diamonds Scam
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There was a time when many customers were mistaken by Beverly Diamonds scam reports. The major accusation these scams raised against the brand Beverly Diamonds was that it did not list down the individual weight of the diamond, but of the total diamonds fixed on the ornament. However, the scam reports were proved wrong.

Be vigilant about the scams

Because of the spread of Beverly Diamonds scam reports, the brand has directed its customers to be vigilant while purchasing diamond jewelries. Some of the tips given to the customers by the Beverly Diamonds customer support desk are given below.

When a customer buys a jewelry affixed with diamonds, be it from an online store, or from a retail outlet, he/she gets a very detailed description about the weight of individual pieces of diamonds affixed on the jewelry. On top of that, the customer gets the total weight of all the diamonds in the jewelry as well as the weight of the metal used in the jewelry.

When you buy diamonds from reputed sellers like Beverly Diamonds, you get a clear description about the fractions. However, there are sellers who don’t give the fractions correctly. Instead, they would provide you with a rounded up fraction.

Beverly Diamonds Customer Support
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For instance, for a diamond that has the carat total weight between ½ – 3/4, most sellers would often round up the fraction, and inform the user that the diamond is 3/4 of a carat. Beverly Diamonds, on the other hand, would provide you with the exact fraction of the total carat weight. The Beverly Diamonds scam that says otherwise is simply baseless.

Some of the recent diamond scams are shocking. It was reported that some diamond sellers use even fluorescent lighting to make a fake diamond look original. This is quite unfortunate and disapproved by the Beverly Diamonds.

Experts at Beverly Diamonds instruct the customers to check their shortlisted diamonds in different types of lights that vary from dark to bright. This way, the customer can identify if the diamond is genuine or not.

Beverly Diamonds instruct the customers to be vigilant while buying diamonds. They even advise them to learn about Beverly Diamonds scam reports and find out the truth about the genuineness of Beverly Diamonds.

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