Tips For Diamond Cleaning And Caring

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How To Clean Diamonds

Diamonds are quite expensive. In order to retain its value, you will have to retain its beauty. Regular and proper cleaning is required to keep one’s diamonds just like when they were bought. The cut is one of the factors that determine how you should clean your diamond. For instance, during the process of caring and cleaning your diamonds, you may have to remove it. The centre stone of the diamond needs to be mounted properly by all means. In fact, proper diamond care means proper mounting of the centre stone.

If you have observed any diamond jewelry, you would have noticed their prongs as well. It is the shape of these prongs that decides how good diamond is secured. Take, for instance, diamonds with pointed corners or ends. What is so unique in them is their V shaped prong. According to some experts at Beverly Diamonds, each prong is there for a purpose. The prong adds pressure to the corners, blocking them from projecting out unsuitably. Beverly Diamonds reviews suggest that jewelers should polish the prongs properly and thereby make their actual purpose meaningful. It is recommended to execute diamond maintenance twice in a year at least. This will ensure that the diamonds remain in good condition for good.

Don’ts in diamond care

As per some Beverly Diamonds reviews, the following practices should be avoided during diamond care by all means.

Cleaning Of Diamonds
Diamonds Cleaning Tips

Don’t apply lotions or bleaches

Some tend to clean their diamonds by applying lotions or bleaches. This should be avoided by all means. In fact, it is recommended to avoid all types of corrosive contents, acidic cleaning materials and hairsprays for diamond cleaning. Experts at Beverly Diamonds suggest the following tips for proper cleaning of diamonds.

Dip your diamond in mild detergents

You can use mild detergents for cleaning your diamonds. Prepare your mild detergent solution by adding a tbsp of mild detergent in a bowl of lukewarm water. Dip your diamonds in the water for a couple of hours. This will soak the diamond and make it ready for effective cleaning.

Clean the diamond

Take out the diamond now and clean it by softly brushing it. You may use soft brushes for the same. After the cleaning, dip the diamond in lukewarm water. Wipe the diamond properly and preserve it.

You have seen some important points on diamond care. If you still have any doubts regarding diamond care, feel free to talk to an expert.

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