The Right Ring Design For You

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A ring is a piece of round band jewelry often made of precious metal like gold. It is a piece of jewelry often worn in the fingers. They may be set with gemstones like ruby, diamonds, sapphire, and emerald.

Some wear rings as an ornament, or at times, to display wealth. But a ring has a more significant meaning in a marriage or a relationship. It is unclear when the first ring was ever created and worn but as far as 2500BC tombs have been discovered with remains wearing rings.

Ring Location

Each finger has had a symbolic meaning or association for the placement or wearing a ring. The 4th finger of the left hand has become the customary place to wear a ring for an engagement ring and wedding band. This practice and custom began during World War II.

Ring Designs

  1. Solitaire: A solitaire is the most classic and traditional style. The name came from the gemstone being the only stone set in the ring. This is to show off the beauty of a gem set on the ring. It often comes with a prong where the stone is held. If you like simple yet elegant designs, solitaire is the best option for you. It never goes out of fashion.
  2. Pavé: This is an excellent way to customize your engagement ring. The pavé involves embedding small gemstones in the shank of the ring. With this, the ring can catch more light and tends to make the ring look like it is glowing. It has a very feminine look that will for sure make you fall in love
  3. Halo: This is one of the most popular designs of the engagement ring. This is due to the shine it gives to the center stone. It contains a smaller pave set diamonds around the center stone. It reflects more like giving the center diamond a nice shine and shimmer. It also helps make the smaller stone look bigger. 
  4. Split-Shank: A split shank, as the term entails, has a split shank or band of the ring. The divide starts from the center stone, closing in on the middle of the ring shank and at times up towards the bottom. The split-shank can have stones set on the shank making it look more glamorous and glittery. This is another way to make a center stone look bigger.
  5. Three-stone style: A 3 stone style, like the name, consists of 1 center stone and 1 stone on each side of the center. They traditionally represent the past, present, and future. Some say that it represents you, me, and us. Trilogy rings are very popular. One can have a 3 same size stone set in the ring, or 1 larger centerpiece and 2 smaller stones on the side.
  6. Eternity band engagement ring: Eternity bands are very popular as it symbolizes eternal love. Recently, designers have incorporated both an eternity band and engagement ring by putting a center stone in an eternity band. This has resulted in a stunning design that is very irresistible.

These are the designs that are the most popular today. Depending on your taste, you can use these pointers to help you figure out the best ring design for you.

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