Men’s Chains and Pendants

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My name is Kyle. I’ve been dealing chains for many years now. I’ve been through a fair amount of them as well. I will go ahead and take you through the personal journey I’ve had with my jewelry over the years. I hope I can help and give insight to some of you out there who’ve never made a chain purchase or just wondering what to go with next.

First, this article, as it states in the title, is about men’s gold chains. Some men cannot understand wearing something so womanlike but once it goes around your neck, you’re bound to be smiling with pride. Most chains in the male market aren’t necessarily for big diamonds or bright colors, rather compliment with whatever ones wearing, a flash of style and swag to add to the wardrobe.

First, my puppy Crunchy has a military-style dog tag gifted from me last year. Basic Dog tags are a pair of tabs on a ball chain with text on it. Being that Crunchy has a military tag, it lists his name along with his medical info and even shows his rank. There are some dog tags that can be a little more decorative, maybe with a design or picture.

My dad used to wear a cross necklace and I loved how modest but charming it was. Whether it’s a Christian cross, star of David, or any other religious article, keep it simple and it increases whatever your wearing majorly and will serve as a reminder of your beliefs.

My first chain was a choker. I was still a kid and I adored it even though they are most uncommon. A choker is the opposite of a pendant; a solid band that doesn’t hang down, often with designs and decorations. Mine was more or less simple; a round woven design going all around.

My second chain came to me when I was 19. It was a yellow gold cable chain. Cable chains, a variation of the popular Cuban, use oval or round links. My uncle gifted it to me on my 19th birthday. I especially loved how it was nice, noticeable, and not too loud as it was a thin 20 inch. I just threw on a tee shirt and looked like a million dollars.

Chain length is a significant factor before you make your purchase. 14-18 inches is considered a choker, as I mentioned earlier. 20-24 inches is the most common length as it commonly falls between the first and third buttons on a shirt. They can be worn both inside and outside of the shirt. 26-30 inches and above are regarded as hip hop chains or “bling”. These are meant to be worn outside of the shirt, as its primary focus is to captivate the eye and make a statement.

Nowadays, I wear my custom face pendant chain, which sounds like it is; a thin chain with a “face”. It displays the face of a tiger in yellow and white gold, as it’s the logo of my company and my favorite animal. I even spent some money on diamonds to help decorate; something I’d call “ice”. It’s small and glistening, perfect for everyday wear. I hoped I helped some of you out and look forward to meeting you in person one day. Happy Chain Shopping!

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