Gemstone Jewelry Comeback in 2020

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A lot of things have happened since we entered 2020. From conflicts between countries, deadly virus spreading around the world, natural disasters and calamities, to the death of a legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. The events that occurred and are occurring at the moment are just at the beginning of this new decade. But what’s going on in the jewelry community? What’s in? And what’s out? Is gemstone jewelry making a comeback this year?

Many jewelers today are selling almost all types of gemstones because of the increase in popularity before the year 2019 ended. The Pantone color of 2020, Classic Blue, with its elegance and bold quality, made the blue sapphire gemstone in demand.
The blue sapphire ornamented with diamonds in an exquisite gold jewelry setting is such a revelation! A classic that can be seen worn by royalties.
Diamond, of course, by itself is still unbeatable. But what is this rock called moissanite, that everyone is going crazy about?
Upon research, it seems as if these “moissanites” are gemstones as well. But not the typical one you get off the ground, cut, and polish and voila! A shiny diamond. Moissanites are not diamonds. It is considered as an alternative to diamond due to is looks.

A moissanite is made out of a naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide. But the making of the actual gem, cut and polished is done through a laboratory. Some visual properties of a moissanite are even better than of a diamond that is why many people consider getting moissanite.
Tests can be done to check the authenticity of a moissanite stone and this can be done when visiting a jeweler with proper tools to test. One good advice when purchasing moissanite or any type of gemstone from a store especially online is to buy from well-known jewelers. You would not want to buy from places that have not maintained a good reputation.
Because of the increasing number of jewelry stores today, it is best to be sure and careful as to where you will buy. Consult the experts and make sure that the sellers are seasoned in the industry and consider themselves experts because of years of experience.
As gemstones make a comeback in 2020, be smart and be informed. Get the best with research and compare. It always pays to be thorough.

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