The 4Cs that we use for Beverly Diamonds Reviews

What are the C’s that we need to keep in mind when buying affordable diamond rings, especially engagement rings or wedding rings? They are typical the features of the stone including Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

beverly hill diamond review wedding ring


The brighter the stone or the clearer the more valuable unless the color of the stone is the color you love. Diamond jewelers classify diamonds in grades D (white) and Z (light yellow). Gold than D is considered to be the favorite color and is also more expensive.


Many people mistakenly think that cuts mean the shape of a diamond. Rather, the cut means the way the diamond is presently allowing light to reflect. In a beautifully cut stone, the light that touches it will reflect directly the eyes of the person who sees it. Some cutters are capable of making the largest stones, so too shallow or too deep a cut can reveal the diamond’s edges and bottoms.

The cut can be something very hard for ordinary people to appreciate. Therefore, to determine the quality of the diamond needs to have standards. Cuttings are divided into many levels from high to low: ideal, high quality, very good, good, relative and poor. In general, you should look to buy a stone on very good terms from the ideal. If the cost is not comfortable, you can also choose the well-defined type.


Diamonds often have small flaws in their processing, or small stains, bubbles, scratches or other minerals inside the diamond. The less the fault the more valuable and beautiful the stone is.


Caret (Size)

This standard refers to the of the stone. While some people value the stone oversize, some prefer a smaller ring to fit the wearer, not the money.

If you are looking to buy a ring to surprise someone, consider the glamor of the other jewelry he wears. If they are not people who wear jewelry from many different brands or big size items, then you should choose small stone rings. Ideally, you can customize your wallet to find the diamond size for the ring.

Investment Amount

While many jewelry sellers often tell you that buying a diamond ring is a great investment, it’s not. According to our Beverly Diamonds Review, Diamonds may or may not increase in value, but rare rings are sometimes as expensive as modern ones. Instead of finding expensive rings to invest in, you should buy rings that symbolize love to see you want to wear it for life. Another good strategy is to look for good diamonds reviews online.