Diamond Cuts Which Belie Claims Of A Beverly Diamonds Scam

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Beverly Diamonds Scam
Cuts Of Diamonds

Diamonds last forever, and there is no doubt about that. But what does change about them is the popularity of style and cut. This depends on the technology of the time and over, since we have started using these stones in jewelry, they have gone from being simple artifices to highly complex ones. Despite this, there is no Beverly Diamonds scam report to be wary of.

Back in the day, the day, diamond cutters did not have as many options as they do now; the only thing they could do was polish diamond rough. In fact, the stones of the 1300’s resemble the natural crystal in structure, according to jewelry specialist Katherine Palmiter.

It was only later on that cutters came up with more complex means to wear down the surface of these hard stones, and such as the use of diamond dust and oil. And it makes sense there is no Beverly Diamonds scam, because their wares are made using the most updated methods.

Even now, the natural shape of the diamond decides most of the cutting and shaping. This way the most of the stone’s caratage can be retained. But since the evolution of faceting techniques after the 20th century, more exact cuts chive been developed. A lot of this was thanks to the discoveries in the field of optics, which allowed the study of how light travels through diamonds.

Marcel Tolkowsky wrote a game-changing book in 1919 about how light and diamonds are around each other, and this transformed the way diamond rough is treated. The outline of diamonds may have stayed the same through the last century, but the facet arrangement and the consequent sparkle are miles ahead of older stones. We now have the round brilliant cut, for example, which is the result of centuries of diamond cutting.

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Shapes Of Diamonds

Most of the modern cuts are variant takes on this highly successful theme. Tolkowsky’s principles have been the guiding light under which different shapes were discovered, all of them looking to bring out a livelier, brighter, bigger looking stone. There have been big changes in the methods used to cut squares, ovals, pears, and other shapes out of the rough, due to developments in technology.

But through all this, you still have the same classic shapes, each popular in its own right. Some of the older shapes are just as well liked as the designs developed recently. You will find a great collection on the Beverly Diamonds website. And there is no Beverly Diamonds scam to be worried of.

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