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You have already heard a lot about the main aspects of a diamond, which decide its worth – the 4 C’s – the Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. Now the Cut of a diamond, unlike the other three properties, was not originated by the GIA. There are common terms used to describe the different cuts you see in the market these days (Excellent, Very Good, Fair, Poor, etc). But there is no uniform way these are defined or applied.

Come down to it, while one seller aptly uses ‘Signature Ideal’, ‘Ideal’, and ‘Excellent’; another might take the easy way out and cover all these qualities under ‘Ideal’. Because of this possibility, comparing cut grades from different retailers requires caution. The only way to be sure of the grading is if it is done by GIA like the jewelry you read of in Beverly Diamonds reviews, which guarantees a set standard. Look for websites that use this instead of their own, more liberal grade assignments.

You see from most Beverly Diamonds reviews that this online jeweler uses the same cut grades as the ones GIA does, which is a reliable measuring system to say the least. There is no case of ‘cut inflation’ where they come up with other grades such as ‘signature’, ‘super ideal’, etc.

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Why the cut grade is so important is that if the diamond scores low in this department, the color and clarity aspects would not matter very far. There would be a constant dullness to the stone because it cannot let light pass through properly, while a properly cut stone would not have this limitation.

Even one with (G-H) color and clarity (SI1-SI2) could be made to look brilliant with the right cut, because of the optical appeal the latter would produce. If you are going to buy a round diamond, stick to Very Good or Excellent cut grade. If you went in for a fancier shape, Good or better cuts would suffice, which is evident from some of the Beverly Diamonds reviews.

A subordinate aspect of cut is the symmetry, which you should ensure is at least Very Good. That way you can make the above average cut more apparent. Reading a few Beverly Diamonds reviews would tell you where to look for the best quality cut when buying diamonds online. They have a broad collection of popular cuts studded into earrings, engagement bands, pendants, and a lot more.

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