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You can easily mistake an uncut diamond for Cubic Zirconia, Quartz, or Moissanite. But diamond experts know how to distinguish a diamond from a cheap artificial stone. They use a number of methods for the same. One of these methods includes using an electronic diamond tester.

An electronic diamond tester operates on battery. According to diamond experts, an electronic diamond tester can cost about $90. As compared to the traditional diamonds testing methods, the electronic tester is quite accurate. It is quite useful for frequent buyers of diamonds, pawnshop owners, and prospectors. Unless you have bought your diamond from any reputed diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds, it is good to have your uncut diamond pretested. Beverly Diamonds is a trusted diamond seller and so, there is no Beverly Diamonds ripoff report to be afraid of.

Following are the steps to identify a genuine uncut diamond from the artificial stones. You would need a small mirror, sandpaper, a newspaper, and an electronic diamond tester for that.


  • Leave the diamond in room temperature for about 10 minutes and fog it up (exhale on it). If the fog remains on the stone for more than 4 seconds, it indicates that the diamond is not real.
  • Next, lay the newspaper on a table and place gemstone on it. Try to see the print on the paper through the diamond. If the diamond were real, it would not display the print clearly. However, note that this test may not always provide you with 100% accurate results.
  • Get a mirror and scratch its surface using your diamond. Being the hardest metal on the earth, diamonds will not have any trouble scratching the surface of a less hard object like mirror. In fact, diamonds are used for mirror cutting.

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  • Check your diamond using electronic diamond tester. Electronic testing gives more accurate results when compared to other diamond testing methods. If you do not have an electronic diamond tester, do not worry. Take your diamond to a jeweler and get it tested.

Finally, always make it a point to buy your diamond from a reputed diamond seller. By buying your diamond from Beverly Diamonds, one of leading online diamond sellers, you can ensure that your diamonds are real. The reason is simple. There has not been any proven Beverly Diamonds ripoff report so far. So do not be cheated by any fabricated Beverly Diamonds ripoff report.

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