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“I can’t be happier with my purchase! I usually very picky about my jewelry shopping, however, this website has given me a lot of useful information and other vendors to shop. I ended up with a great, beautiful and big diamond ring for a third of the retail price! My boyfriend did not even get mad when he knew how much $$$ I saved!”

Sara Smith | Los Angeles California

“When I began my research, I did not know anything about diamond. When I went through Beverly Diamonds reviews and then their website, I got truckloads of information about this sparkling stone. That educated me a lot on diamonds, especially the 4C’s. I now know enough to make the right kind of purchase decisions like this thanks to Beverly. I have to say my diamond consultant answered all my doubts very quickly and is extremely professional. I am floored by all the jewelry settings available and picking one for my ring took a while coming. When I finally got my ring, I was surprised by the craftsmanship involved and my diamond’s brilliance.”

 Linda Thompson 


“Beverly Diamonds just exemplifies the way buying should be done online. We are happy with our diamond engagement ring. The diamond set in it is just something else. We often find ourselves distracted as it twinkles unexpectedly. My ring has a simple style, yet shows enough character and beauty to feel personal and unique. It gave me a confidence boost when the time came to propose to my love. I feel everyone would do it with a diamond sparkler. Even better, if you can make the purchase Beverly. I appreciate all your experience and help in giving such a fabulous product and service.”

Shaun Ambrose

“I cannot quit admiring the diamond ring I just received. It is astonishing and magnificent and miles past anything I’d imagined. Much thanks to you for such a feat of expertise and art you put into structuring and making the most excellent jewel ring ever. I would suggest these Beverly Diamonds to anybody. The client administration individuals are so polite and supportive. They helped me request my ring. They held me updated on my ordered items and helped me track it until it was delivered. In case you are searching for a lovely bit of adornments, pick The Beverly Diamonds. You will not regret your decision.”

Tebby Francis

The Beverly Diamond has been so mind-boggling. Earlier this year, this astounding ring blew my mind. It is ideal. My sapphire is darker however it doesn’t make a difference it looks increasingly wonderful and the jewels are so brilliant and clear. Since my life partner had a proposition date as the main priority and the store did not have my size, just photos of my hand so they sent him the nearest greater size they had so he can propose, while they made the ring. Half a month later it was altogether done, I dispatched the main ring and got my eternity ring by on time. Client administration and conveyance were entirely supportive. I would prescribe this ring to other people, however, of course, I cherish it a lot for others to have it also.

Abigail Maria

“I owe it to Beverly Diamonds for more than just the beautiful diamond ring I bought from them. At first, I was going to buy a natural diamond ring, but then realized it is not easy on my pocket. Thanks to Beverly, I got to know so much about diamond as a product. I now know that there are diamonds made in labs that cost much lesser. What’s more, Beverly Diamonds have lab diamond rings of many different cuts, settings, styles, and what have you. I bought for myself a cushion halo diamond ring. I am told the central stone of my ring looks slightly bigger than it is thanks to the halo setting.”


“My hubby told me that he wanted a ring on his 50th birthday. I did some shopping around in my place, but I am very picky about design. Then, I came across the Beverly Diamonds website and started browsing it. To my surprise, the collection of diamond jewelry there is so stupendous that I had a tough time nailing down on one particular piece. Eventually, I went for a white gold round diamond ring, and I am glad that he loves it. The website has stunning photos of diamonds that make the process of choosing between different products much easier. You will never be let down by shopping there, which I promise.”

Naomi John