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Colored diamonds are in fashion these days. This is seen from the multitude of buyer requests at Beverly Diamonds for different colored diamonds. As per Beverly Diamonds, at present the bestseller among colored diamonds is the pink colored diamond. It is also hoped that the demand for pink diamonds will further increase, as Valentine’s Day is nearing and pink is the color that symbolizes love. In fact, many buyers have already ordered pink color diamond in the heart shape.

Pink colored diamonds are available in different shades of the color and can range from smooth baby pink to the brighter tones. The diamond will look great when set in white gold or platinum. The rarest among the colored diamonds is the red one, and pink is a derivative of the same. This is the reason the pink and red diamonds are priced a bit higher than the others are.

However, even other colored diamonds can be much costly. Diamonds are also available in other colors like blue, yellow, orange, and green. Yellow diamonds are available in shades like soft yellow and bright yellow, while Blue diamonds come in shades like sky blue and ocean blue. Green and Orange diamonds are not much common, but you will be able to spot a brown one in most jewelry shops. Brown diamonds are available in light to chocolate brown shades.

Pink Diamonds
Colored Diamonds

As per the Beverly Diamonds reviews, black diamonds are also available these days. The color of these diamonds can be improved by different diamond treatment methods like making use of heat to increase the color depth of the stone. Diamond experts will be able to obtain rare and exceptional hues to the diamonds making use of different diamond treating methods, but this can adversely affect the quality of the stone.

Usually, you may notice some changes in the clarity and weight of the stone after polishing, but making use of the latest techniques that are available these days, the loss in weight and the degradation of transparency can be decreased to minimal levels. Experts at Beverly Diamonds highlight that the value of a treated diamond is lower than its natural counterpart, but at the same time, colored diamonds will look much attractive, when used in engagement rings and necklaces.

No matter what the color is, a colored stone obviously attracts a lot when it shines brilliantly on your fingers.

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