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Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report
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Diamond engagement rings aren’t something you buy every day. When you do start looking for one, there are umpteen things to consider, such as the color of the diamond, its cut, clarity grading, and of course the weight of the stone. But that isn’t all. There are a few factors which often go ignored or simply unheeded, such as the budget, which is overlooked surprisingly often.

Many men end up spending over three months’ salary on their first engagement ring. While this shows how badly you want to marry your sweetheart, it’s pretty much stupid from a financial standpoint. What’s even less advisable is to put this on your credit card, but what other need could posses you to do such a thing? If you were headed that way and actually stopped to think, then hold off. Indebted isn’t a good way to start a family.

Buy a different stone

The sensible thing of course, is to compromise on the ring. Unless you’re emotionally attached to the one you originally liked, you can make do with a cheaper ring that looks almost as good. Step on the carat requirement for instance, and you’d be surprised by how far the prices drop, if you weren’t aware already. A.9 carat diamond would cost much less than a 1 carat diamond. Also, cuts like the Princess, oval, and cushion, are priced lower.

Make it look bigger

If you’re worried the stone will look too small, use the halo setting, which surrounds the main stone with several tiny ones. What’s in the middle look much bigger and shinier this way, especially if it’s got an oval cut.

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Rings From Beverly

Blood factor

If you’re going to propose to a smart and sensitive girl who’ll wonder about the blood factor of the diamond, its importance to you just got turned up a few notches. You need to be able to convince her that the stone she’ll wear is a conflict-free diamond. For that, you can either buy from a trusted jeweler, like Beverly Diamonds, that sells at a price you can afford, or buy vintage, which maybe you can’t.

You should check out Beverly Diamonds, because there is no Beverly Diamonds ripoff report to be put off by. They offer the best quality diamonds and that’s the only reason you can’t find a complaint against them online. Come to think of it, there is no valid Beverly Diamonds ripoff report period. Ask the people who buy frequently from this site, and you’ll see why the chance of a Beverly Diamonds ripoff report is so remote.

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