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The price of diamonds are getting higher and higher. Even if some report out there says the price of diamonds are going down.However, for the bottom line consumer such as you and me the prices are just going up. The simple way to prove this is by looking at prices in some of the big jewelry stores. Not only is the price of diamonds going down the price of gold is dropping as well and again the price drop that everyone is talking about is not actually effecting  the retail market. So the questions everyone should be asking is why am I paying a lot of money for rings when in theory this should be the time that we should be buying affordable rings.


The simple answer to why affordable rings are not very available is because when the price of diamonds drops is does not have a major affect on stores that already have diamonds. Also, just because you see that the price of diamonds dropped does not mean that all diamond prices dropped. It can be only diamonds that are 2 carats or higher. For ab average person looking for affordable rings a 3 carat diamond is not what the person is going to be purchasing.


One of the best solutions for buying affordable rings is to shop around. Many stores don’t want to take a big loss when the price of diamonds drop therefore when someone comes into their store looking for affordable rings they will sell them rings at the highest possible price point that they can sell it out. By shopping around it makes it easier to find affordable rings because you are not locking into the first place you look at. One of the stores that I found that carries many affordable rings is Beverly Diamonds. They carry a very large selection of rings in many different styles. A great thing about Beverly Diamonds which helps them sell affordable rings is that they do high volume therefore it is easier for Beverly Diamonds to keep prices as low as possible.


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