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Reading an online reviews is one of the trickiest things to do. How do you know which ones to trust and which ones not to trust. How do you which online review is from a angry customer that has a legitimate reason of why he or she is angry and which is from a customer that is writing a bad online review just to hurt the business. It can either be from an upset former employee or a customer that decided that she or he is going to try to blackmail the company into getting what that person wants. It is not only the bad online review that needs to be  examined. A good online review needs the same amount of examining. How can you tell which good online review was written by a customer and which was written by the company themselves trying to promote the company.


Beverly Diamonds online reviews
Beverly Diamonds online reviews


To help answer the question about an online review I am going to look at Beverly Diamonds reviews. Beverly Diamonds is an Online Jewelry company that has many positive reviews as well as some not so great reviews. The thing that sticks out the most about Beverly Diamonds reviews is the amount of positive reviews there are.  When I see 2 or 3 amazing reviews and many bad ones it make me think that the 2 or 3 great reviews are not real. When I look at Beverly Diamonds reviews and the amount of great reviews there are I am sure that I can trust them


Another thing to note when looking Beverly Diamonds reviews there are some not so great online reviews. After carefully examining the negative online review it made me think that it is just an unhappy person that is looking to blackmail the company. It does not make sense that there will be so many great Beverly Diamonds reviews and then one terrible online review.


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