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How Does Beverly Diamonds Deal With Unreal Beverly Diamonds Complaints?

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Purity Of Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds complaints are baseless. The seller, Beverly Diamonds, has made it quite clear that they are no responsible for any Beverly Diamonds scam reports which are being spread online.

It is not all surprising that Beverly Diamonds is the most reputed online seller of diamonds in US because of the purity of diamonds it sells. It makes one wonder at the huge popularity of Beverly Diamonds. There were many online diamonds sellers when Beverly Diamonds came into the market. However, it sprang into fame very quickly. That, of course, has created many competitors for the seller.

Unlike other diamond sellers, Beverly Diamonds rarely depends on any huge advertising campaigns or commercials to popularize itself among the public. Instead, it depends on true business practices. Beverly Diamonds has people’s trust as its strength.

At Beverly Diamonds, people get pure diamonds at the original market price. Whether you are a new customer or existing customer, you are treated equally by Beverly Diamonds and get the jewelry worth your money. This unbiased and genuine business practice has helped Beverly Diamonds become the number one diamonds seller in the market.

Beverly Diamonds Scam
Diamonds Testing Methods

If you tell any customer about the Beverly Diamonds complaints or Beverly Diamonds scam reports, they will make fun of you for your sheer ignorance. Beverly Diamonds sells only pure diamonds – it is a known fact and everyone is aware of it. So, everyone turns to Beverly Diamonds when buying diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds has got an excellent team of gemologists. They work round the clock, answering queries of people from different parts of the world. These experts also help you buy appropriate diamond jewelries for your special occasions. The advice is given totally free. And users are not forced to buy diamonds just because they sought some advice from the seller.

Beverly Diamonds does free diamond testing service on behalf of customers. If you have purchased diamond from any other seller and suspect its purity, you can get it tested there too. The gemologists at Beverly Diamonds will provide you with simple diamond testing methods. If you wish, you can get your diamonds tested by these experts as well. Now you know why there are no legitimate Beverly Diamonds complaints.

Championship Rings 21 Jun

Championship Rings

Championship Rings


Championship Rings just like wedding rings are there to show something. Wedding rings are there to show everyone that the person is married and for everyone else to back off. It is also there to show how much the person partner loves the other person and how much they mean to each other. This tradition has been going on for thousands of years. Since the beginning of time and even in the bible at weddings rings were giving. And then there are Championship Rings those are there to celebrate an accomplishment. Those are there to show the world that you are or were the best at a particular time. Once you win and get the ring there is no going back just like what a wedding ring is supposed to symbolize.


Championship Rings
Championship Rings


Going into every season and this is the same for every American sports league. I do not know about international sports leagues because I do not live there but I will assume that it is the same. Every team thinks that they have a chance of getting Championship Ring when the season is over. Some teams need things to bounce right for them. While others know that if they play like they think they could and should play that they will win the ring.


Obviously, not everyone can just win Championship Rings every year. If it was that easy the ring would not carry any special significance. It is because the ring is so unique and hard to get is what makes it so special. You can also compare that with weddings rings, the only reason they are so special is that only one person wears a ring from one other person. Even when 2 people are wearing the same ring, each one of the people feel like their ring represents something great and that great thing is completely different from the great thing the other person’s ring represents. For more information about great and special rings or if you want to feel the ring you will be represents the same things as Championship Rings log on on beverlydiamonds.com or if you want to see Beverly Diamonds reviews log on to http pristinediamondsca.com

Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam 17 Jun


The world of diamonds as we know it might become more interesting beyond its connection to engagements & weddings.

Diamond prices have dropped just about 15 percent over the last 12 months and as Nicholas Colas, the chief market strategist at Convergex, seeing think theres a larger trend happening.

why are beverly diamonds so cheap?

Why Are Beverly Diamonds So Cheap?
(“The reason all this intrigues me is not as a prospective shopper, but rather because the price of ‘Commodity’ diamonds is a intresting case study in macroeconomic deflationary pressures,” Colas wrote for some clients.

The recent decline in diamond commodity prices is attributed to a few factors, one of them including reduced consumer demand in China, Japan and India. But Diamond Manufacturing companies are also facing finance pressure as banks are less willing to give loans. Decreasing demand and less capital requirements added to little inflation “is causing a slow-turnover inventory with increasing inventories and all of this is pushing prices lower,”

How does Colas connect  falling diamond commodity prices to a case study on worldwide deflation?

He wrote demand from China has fallen in 2015 and reduced purchase-for-Stock among Chinese jewelers. Part of this could be connected to the government’s new  push for anti-corruption. There are still isn’t any numbers to show just how much the Chinese diamond market has fallen thus far.

Diamond manufacturers have also taken quite a hit, and have begun working on thinner and thinner margins. They now have to manage their inventories far more carefully and watch all their capital expenditures.  Colas questioned whether all of this could be linked to the decreasing Chinese diamond demand.

This past September Antwerp Diamond Bank closed its relations to any new Diamond buyers or manufacturers, closing one of the major sources of capital in the diamond industry.  Additionally, reports have surfaced about how De Beers, the world’s largest supplier of diamond stones (by value), is requiring clients to have higher credit scores.

Alot of this is contributing to downward deflationary pressure on diamond prices that Colas said is friendly similar to other industrial commodities, like crude oil.

Beverlydiamonds.com reviews update

Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam 8 Jun

Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam

Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam


Is Beverly Diamonds a scam? This is one of the questions people want answers for about Beverly Diamonds. Often times, when people find Beverly Diamonds’ website, or any other online store, they want to first find out if the company is a scam or if they are legitimate. So then, the research starts.


Beverly Diamonds has been catering customers for almost 14 years now. So the question is Beverly Diamonds a scam is surely not to be asked anymore. If they are indeed a scam, they should have been shut down long ago. I for one is someone who can attest that this company is legitimate. I’m so skeptical when it comes to ordering online especially expensive items. I never bought jewelry online but the transaction with Beverly Diamonds was so easy and they will make sure that your information is secured. The customer service is superb. They assisted me and even sent a ring sizer so I can be sure of the size I will order. The payment is very flexible. They offered multiple payment options and I was able to purchase the ring over the phone. Another great thing is that I received a brand new ring customized to my size. All their rings are made from scratch. They make it as ordered by customers. After the ring production is done, they sent me an image (upon my request) before shipment and when I approved it, the ring was delivered to me the very next day.


Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam
Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam


When the ring was delivered, it had to be signed to ensure that the customer indeed received it and not someone else. I was so relieved to see the gorgeous ring I ordered. Never have I doubted Beverly Diamonds. So if you are asking yourself the question is Beverly Diamonds a scam? Better believe that they are 100% legitimate and not at all a scam. They are the real deal. Visit them at www.beverlydiamonds.com.

Beverly Diamonds 8 Jun

Beverly Diamonds Order

Beverly Diamonds Order


Ever had problems when you order online? You probably had experienced spending hours picking out the items you like from an online store and everything was smooth until you reach the checkout. That happened maybe a few times to most of us, and it recently happened to me. I was shopping for jewelries online and stumbled upon this website where you can choose the size, certification, shape, clarity, and color of the diamond to put on a ring setting. I took my time, since I was not busy at the moment, it took me 40minutes to finish up one ring that I liked. It was longer than what I usually spend in online shopping, but I didn’t mind, it was a fine jewelry after all. When I was all set, my payment wouldn’t go through, and the page would time out every time I click the Place Order button. Trying it for a few times, I decided to stop and just try to look for a different website. I went to try Beverly Diamonds. I must say, the process of picking out jewelries is way easier on their online store. I was able to pick a better design with lesser time spent and the price is way cheaper. I got more items to fit my budget than that other website I tried. In a few minutes, I was ready to place my Beverly Diamonds order.


Beverly Diamonds Order
Beverly Diamonds Order


Let me describe to you how my checkout process went. When I was finalizing my Beverly Diamonds order, I reviewed my items before paying to make sure that the discounts apply (Yes they give discounts!). I saw that they accept all types of payments. Other than credit cards, they give you choices to use either PayPal or PayPal Bill Me Later, and even financing. I tried to finance it first and was approved for some amount, and then I was able to pay the remaining amount with my credit card. I was surprised that they allowed that, usually some companies only give you one payment method to use. It was a pleasant experience all in all.  And I was happy to have placed a Beverly Diamonds order with no problems.


A few days later, I received my Beverly Diamonds order and I am so happy with the product I received. I recommend them to my friends and I recommend them to you too. Place your Beverly Diamonds order today at www.beverlydiamonds.com.

Buying diamonds on the internet 7 Jun

Buying diamonds on the internet.

Buying diamonds on the internet.

Buying diamonds on the internet is not something that it very easy to do. There are something that is very easy to do for example hit a baseball off of a tee. Then there are things that are a little harder to do like hit a pitch in softball. Then all the way to the hardest level is trying to hit a 100 mile per hour fastball coming from a very intimidating major league pitcher. As hard as this is it can not be compared to the difficulties are playing basketball or football.

Beverly Diamonds reviews
Beverly Diamonds reviews

In a basketball game trying to hit a free throw when you are alone and the gym is easy for most people that play often. Even though they will not be making the shot every time it is still something that is considered easy. Trying to hit a free throw in front of 20,000 angry fans that do not want you to hit the shot is something that is so much harder. In football playing catch in your backyard is easy and fun. In almost every American family they toss around a football. The most common time for that is on thank giving, Thanksgiving is almost national football day. That day is set aside for families to play football. Even if they are not regular football players. However, trying to catch a pass in the middle of the field when big defensive lineman will be coming to take you down is a lot harder.

The same thing goes for Buying diamonds on the internet it is not like buying diapers on the internet. Buying diamonds on the internet has a lot of pressure and if you can not handle it and end up buying diamonds on the internet from the wrong place you will end up with a huge loss of money. That is why I recommend Beverly Diamonds. Beverly Diamonds are the best. If you want to see Beverly Diamonds reviews log on to http://www.pristinediamondsca.com/

Beverly Diamonds 2 Jun

Reports that Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Reports that Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Online stores have been popping out here and there. There are so many that it is difficult to know which is real and which is not. Scary as it may seem, we cannot remove the fact that it is now normal for people to buy online instead of going to the store and walk for hours looking for something they can buy. Many prefer online shopping because of the time saved compared to a typical visit to the mall. If you are one of those people who enjoys the benefits of shopping online, then you should first be sure of the reputation of the company you will buy from, especially when it comes to jewelries. It should be from reputable ones like Beverly Diamonds. You may not know them or might not have heard from them until now, and when you search online, you find reports that Beverly Diamonds is a scam. These reports are none but bogus reports done by competitors that cannot keep up with the company’s accomplishments.


Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds

If you are to see the reports that Beverly Diamonds is a scam online, the stories written and how they described their experience with the company was, you will surely see that they are a sham. Further investigation is crucial, since not all websites that provide reviews are legitimate. That is why it is advisable that you search review sites like Trustpilot, trust link and reseller ratings. Upon searching the company Beverly Diamonds there, you will be shocked to find out how well they served their customers. That is why you will really think twice when you see reports about Beverly Diamonds, for in those few ugly reports you will find, do not compare to the hundreds or even thousands of satisfied customers they have had.

Never believe the reports that Beverly Diamonds is a scam. They are a company worth buying from and have been in the business for more than a decade. Trust them. If you would like to shop and see their beautiful designs, visit www.beverlydiamonds.com.

Beverly Diamonds 1 Jun



New malware turns your computer into a cellular antenna

This article reviews how a group of researchers improved  a way to steal data from air-gapped computers, which are computers on a secure network that is physically isolated from unsecured networks. These researchers figured out how to turn these air-gapped computers into cellular transmitters. With these computers acting as cellular transmitters, it is possible to pick up the leaking data using a mobile phone from a nearby location.

Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds

      What makes this new discovery stand out is that this attack is able to use the computer’s own hardware to send out the cellular signals whereas previously it was necessary that the computer have hardware modifications in order to steal data this way. This shows how simplistic and even sneaky this is in the ability for one to steal data unnoticed. Still, the computer that is targeted needs to have the malware developed by this group, known as GSMem, installed on the computer. It is a flawless technique and reminds me of my wife’s diamond stone I got from Beverly Diamonds back in 2012.  In order to do this, the malware is introduced to the computer using a type of worm that infects the computer upon connecting a removable drive.

         The specifics of how this malware works is that it creates specific, memory-related instructions that are transmitted between the CPU and memory, thereby generating radio waves at GSM, UMTS, and LTE frequencies that can be picked up by a nearby mobile device. What is remarkable about this is that the receiver is a Motorola C123. At first, one may be confused as to why this relatively ancient receiver was chosen in order to gather the stolen data, but in actuality using this device is clever.

Link: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2966038/security/new-malware- turns-your-computer-into- a-cellular- antenna.html

Online review 19 May

Roof Access

Roof Access


Having roof access in an apartment building is one of the greatest things to have.  Most people do not think about that when trying to find an apartment. Most people think about the obvious important things like how many bedrooms they need  and how many bathrooms they want. Then there are the less important things like is there a dishwasher and how many people can fit in the kitchen at one time. For some reason, most people don’t ask about roof access. Maybe the reason for that is because people are afraid of heights. But that is a small percentage of people. Most people don’t ask about that because they just do not realize the value of having roof access.


Park Slope


There are some obvious reason why I love having roof access. One, you are able to host as many people as you want and you are not limited to how many people you can fit in your living room. The roof goes over the entire building, even if a small area is blocked off you will have a lot more space than your dining space in your apartment. In addition to the more space, people are able to walk around comfortably. In an apartment where space is tight to move around you have to jump over chairs. With the amount of room, there is on a roof it can be done easily without everyone bumping into each other.


Second and in my mind most important, the view. I live in Brooklyn, New York and the view of the  city from my roof is amazing. On a nice evening, I can sit on the roof either by myself or with friends for hours. We just sit there and steer into the stars and gaze upon the beautiful lights of the city of Manhattan. It is like steering in a beautiful diamond from Beverly Diamonds. You can just sit there and be amazed for hours. Therefore, the next time you are looking for an apartment makes sure to look for one with roof access


For more information about Beverly diamonds log onto beverlydiamonds.com and if you would like to see some Beverly Diamonds reviews check out http://www.pristinediamondsca.com/category/beverly-diamonds/

20 Apr

Buy from Companies like Beverly Diamonds

Buy from Beverly Diamonds

Buy  from Companies like Beverly Diamonds

Information became easily and effortlessly accessible through the web today. With it came a new era of buying and selling. Online stores are a hit, and customers seem to like it more than going to an establishment to shop. And because of this, one must be cautious in purchasing anything off the web.

In buying jewelries, we often shop in local stores in order to see designs that best suits our taste. But in sometimes, going to local shops can be painful to your pocket. Because of this, people would rather search online for that same design and buy it from there. But are you sure you are not buying from thousands of scammers out there? The best way to ensure the safety of your purchase is to buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds.

Buy from Beverly Diamonds

Beverly diamonds have been in the business for more than a decade. Serving tens of thousands happy customers. Looking through the online jewelry market, their pricing is unbeatable and surely the designs will take your breath away. Surely, if you buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, regret is not to be expected.

Another pride of this company is the customization of rings. Yes, they do not have all the designs available but, the option to customize a ring for you is as good as having all the designs available out there. The process is simple and not at all confusing. An email with the images of the design you want with a detailed explanation of the alterations are the only thing you need in order to start the process. Buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, companies that know how to customize ring is a rare find. Their professional designers are the best in their field. The customer service is very reliable and they cater to your needs in jewelry repairs, issues with purchases, and even give the best price on their very low priced items.

Buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, you will not regret it.

Online review 14 Apr

Online review.


Reading an online reviews is one of the trickiest things to do. How do you know which ones to trust and which ones not to trust. How do you which online review is from a angry customer that has a legitimate reason of why he or she is angry and which is from a customer that is writing a bad online review just to hurt the business. It can either be from an upset former employee or a customer that decided that she or he is going to try to blackmail the company into getting what that person wants. It is not only the bad online review that needs to be  examined. A good online review needs the same amount of examining. How can you tell which good online review was written by a customer and which was written by the company themselves trying to promote the company.


Beverly Diamonds online reviews
Beverly Diamonds online reviews


To help answer the question about an online review I am going to look at Beverly Diamonds reviews. Beverly Diamonds is an Online Jewelry company that has many positive reviews as well as some not so great reviews. The thing that sticks out the most about Beverly Diamonds reviews is the amount of positive reviews there are.  When I see 2 or 3 amazing reviews and many bad ones it make me think that the 2 or 3 great reviews are not real. When I look at Beverly Diamonds reviews and the amount of great reviews there are I am sure that I can trust them


Another thing to note when looking Beverly Diamonds reviews there are some not so great online reviews. After carefully examining the negative online review it made me think that it is just an unhappy person that is looking to blackmail the company. It does not make sense that there will be so many great Beverly Diamonds reviews and then one terrible online review.


For more information about Beverly Diamonds reviews log on to.