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How Does Beverly Diamonds Deal With Unreal Beverly Diamonds Complaints?

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Purity Of Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds complaints are baseless. The seller, Beverly Diamonds, has made it quite clear that they are no responsible for any Beverly Diamonds scam reports which are being spread online.

It is not all surprising that Beverly Diamonds is the most reputed online seller of diamonds in US because of the purity of diamonds it sells. It makes one wonder at the huge popularity of Beverly Diamonds. There were many online diamonds sellers when Beverly Diamonds came into the market. However, it sprang into fame very quickly. That, of course, has created many competitors for the seller.

Unlike other diamond sellers, Beverly Diamonds rarely depends on any huge advertising campaigns or commercials to popularize itself among the public. Instead, it depends on true business practices. Beverly Diamonds has people’s trust as its strength.

At Beverly Diamonds, people get pure diamonds at the original market price. Whether you are a new customer or existing customer, you are treated equally by Beverly Diamonds and get the jewelry worth your money. This unbiased and genuine business practice has helped Beverly Diamonds become the number one diamonds seller in the market.

Beverly Diamonds Scam
Diamonds Testing Methods

If you tell any customer about the Beverly Diamonds complaints or Beverly Diamonds scam reports, they will make fun of you for your sheer ignorance. Beverly Diamonds sells only pure diamonds – it is a known fact and everyone is aware of it. So, everyone turns to Beverly Diamonds when buying diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds has got an excellent team of gemologists. They work round the clock, answering queries of people from different parts of the world. These experts also help you buy appropriate diamond jewelries for your special occasions. The advice is given totally free. And users are not forced to buy diamonds just because they sought some advice from the seller.

Beverly Diamonds does free diamond testing service on behalf of customers. If you have purchased diamond from any other seller and suspect its purity, you can get it tested there too. The gemologists at Beverly Diamonds will provide you with simple diamond testing methods. If you wish, you can get your diamonds tested by these experts as well. Now you know why there are no legitimate Beverly Diamonds complaints.

18 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Should You Sell the Ring?

I had a really spectacular engagement ring. It wasn’t that it was huge or particularly expensive. But it was unique —  the 24-carat yellow gold band consisted of a half-dozen hand-hammered connected spheres, each centered with a very nice diamond. It was totally my style, and it got lots of attention (which is also my style).

When I divorced I put the wedding rings in the safe in my house. In the back of my mind I thought I would give it my daughter one day — a token of the marriage that produced her.  Plus, I just wasn’t ready to sell engagement ring — or part with that time of my life. I see now I wasn’t ready to face it. I hadn’t read enough beverly diamonds reviews.


beverlyn diamonds reviews

But this summer I had a change of heart. I thought to the handful of people I know who used as their wedding rings left over from marriages that ended in divorce. Some of those rocks were impressive — far more expensive than the young couple could have afforded on their own. It always struck me as bad karma to start a life together with a token from another couple’s less-than-ideal story. A story I wrote about in my beverly diamonds reviews if anyone cares to read it.

I am a big, big believer that beverly diamonds reviews have power. Whether material possessions actually absorb and retain energy from the people and experiences around them, or if it is your own memories and feelings that give the object influence over you, I’m not sure. But if your walls are lined with pictures of family members who you distain, that is bad mojo. That beverly diamonds reviews from a vacation on which you fought mercilessly with your BFF is a reminder of sour times – not margaritas on the beach.

And if you are surrounded by things that remind you of the relationship from which you are trying to start anew, well, change that up.

And so last summer I decided to sell my engagement ring. I did some research and since it is a brand name designer (Gurhan is a known Turkish jeweler, his stuff is sold at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus), it made sense to find through a local jeweler that would pay for that intrinsic value. I called a local Gurhan boutique, which recommended the company I used. You can search Yelp or CitySearch for a reputable local jeweler. I admit that the cash was less than I’d hoped, but after some research understand that there is a significant difference between retail and resalel value of jewelry. It is what it is. I used the money to send my kids to Europe with their dad to visit relatives there. It seemed a just use of those funds. Plus, it felt good to rid my home and mind of that significant marriage memento.

Let go of old things, it makes space for new.


If you have a significant ring, loose diamond (or branded watch) you expect would fetch more than $1,000 at market, I recommend Worthy, an on online auction site that makes it very easy to sell your bridal jewelry online, for a fair price. Best yet, you can get a very good idea of what your stuff is worth by reading beverly diamonds reviews even before you commit to working with them. I like Worthy because their system is very transparent, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and their website is very easy to use. Plus, there are dozens of reviews and video testimonials from very happy customers.

It works like this: Go to Worthy.com, enter the information about your jewelry, including size and grade of your jewelry or stone, name and email. Within a day they will email you an estimate market value for your piece. If that price suits you, Worthy will send you a mailer, in which you send the jewelry, diamond or watch to them — Worthy pays for all shipping and insures the item for up to $1 million. Sweet!

You then agree on a “reserve price,”  or the lowest price you are willing to accept, as suggested by Worthy‘s experts.  Next, Worthy puts your item up to at least 100 potential buyers worldwide, who can then bid on your item. Worthy promises to have an offer within 7 days of receiving your item, and deposit your profits within 24 hours. Worthy takes up to 20 percent of the sale price. They are very transparent: If they don’t sell your item for at least the reserve price, they return it to you, free of charge, no questions asked.

I love that Worthy will pay you $100 if you successfully sell your item that was auctioned on Worthy, for a price higher than the auction offered, with an independent jeweler.


11 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Competitors

Beverly Diamonds Competitors


Beverly Diamonds competitors. Ever since one can recall, business has been all about competition. Competition in price, in service, in product quality, and in availability. These things seem to be the priority search of any consumer around the world. Which is cheap? Which is better? In a world filled with competition, how can a business keep up?


For a company like Beverly Diamonds competitors is not new. On a daily basis, new companies open, as well as others close. In order for Beverly Diamonds to stay on top from the competition, innovation is a must. Learning to adjust to the needs of the market is an essential tool to keep Beverly Diamonds competitors behind. Every day, new technologies come, and people surprisingly adapt quickly.


New technology is something that should be welcomed. It is a mark that our society is improving and that we are advancing. Beverly Diamonds competitors are upgrading as well. With the way the products are introduced to the market, it is amazing as to how fast these companies are adjusting. Nevertheless, the comparison is beyond description.


New techniques in production is another innovation today. With the existence of 3-D printers, customization of ring and bands and other jewelry are made easy. Beverly Diamonds has the awareness of how big of an impact this will give to the company, therefore, it was adopted by the company and offers to all customers who wanted a special and unique ring design. Thus, making Beverly Diamonds competitors move far behind the jewelry business game. See what they offer at www.beverlydiamonds.com. Browse around and find wonderfully made jewelry at a very competitive price. This is what innovation is about. This is how tight the competition is in the jewelry business. Therefore be sure to purchase from companies like Beverly Diamonds.

8 Aug

Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Is it true that Beverly Diamonds is a scam? This is a question circulating the web right now as people are in search for the truth about Beverly Diamonds. Who is this company? Are the reports online true? That Beverly Diamonds is a scam?

Reviewing the facts can take up a person’s time and so, let me give them to you in a brief and direct to the point manner. First that should be asked if Beverly Diamonds is a scam is that why they are still operating. One thing that people fail to look at is the establishment’s age. Many come into conclusion that because a company is new to their knowledge, the business is young too. But truly, Beverly Diamonds has been in the jewelry business for more than a decade now. The company can be found the heart of the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles. If Beverly Diamonds is a scam, one of the things they would hide would be their location. Visit BeverlyDiamonds.com to find all about their establishment in the About Us page.

Second is that if Beverly Diamonds is a scam, what are the basis of the good reviews being posted online by real customers. Beverly Diamonds catered to more than 10,000 clients since their establishment. Reviews about Beverly Diamonds can be found online with just one search. Good and bad reviews can be found online, and Beverly Diamonds are appreciative of the feedbacks clients give. It is a fact that even the biggest company in the word receives bad reviews as is it true that one cannot please everyone. Nevertheless, bad inputs are considered to be a way to improve the quality of service  from Beverly Diamonds. And so, in case you find reports that Beverly Diamonds is a scam, that is 100% false.

8 Aug

Beverly Diamonds bringing people together

Did you ever hear Beverly Diamonds  bringing people together? The company is constantly working on creating an atmosphere that is non-judgmental. The company in fact, recently hosted a reading of the story, Recitaff. Managers at Beverly Diamonds felt that the reading of Recitaff would have a positive impact on its employees. The story was written in 1983 by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison. It is a powerful story about the relationship between two young girls of different races. She used the short story as a platform on which to comment on the roles played by race and class in society. Beverly Diamonds knows how important it is to understand the role race plays in society. The company is doing everything it can to combat inequality within society. Beverly Diamonds is bringing people together.

0.5 Carat princess cut diamond engagement ring SI H

In Recitaff, Roberta and Twyla, the main characters, start off the story as young girls thrown together through circumstance. Beverly Diamonds views the characters as they grow up and reunite sporadically over the years. Their relationships and interactions are things that Beverly Diamonds learns from and tries to emulate each day.  One interesting theme throughout the story is the fact that the girls are aware of their differences the reader is not, as neither character’s race is clearly explained. By removing obvious racial identities from Recitatif, Morrison is able to study society’s self-organization and segregation. As a company, Beverly Diamonds too removes race from its work environment. The company tries every day to create a non-racial environment. It such an environment, everyone is treated completely equally, regardless of their race. o the story unfolds each interaction between Roberta and

To Beverly Diamonds, created a racially neutral workplace is extremely important. This is because the company understands the value that such an environment brings to a workplace. When everyone feels accepted and equal that creates the perfect situation for effective collaboration. In this respect, Beverly Diamonds has been very successful. The sense of unity and care that one feels when entering into the company’s Los Angeles headquarters is quite something. Beverly Diamonds bringing people together.

5 Aug

Integrity of Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is a company that has been around now for many years leading the diamond industry in online jewelry sales. The Integrity of Beverly Diamonds has been set and determined by many that have been purchasing there for many years and customers that have also done business with them before they became one of the biggest online jewelry retailers. Beverly Diamonds keeps its price tags in check at all times, constantly renewing and updating its inventory to keep up with the changing styles.

10 Carat Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Band SI F

Throughout history the Integrity of Beverly Diamonds kept itself on a very high scale of trustworthiness and reliability to provide thousands upon thousands of customers with amazing quality jewelry at affordable prices. Ranging from experience to kindness and willing full customer service representatives which are always ready to give their clients and potential customers a hand and assistance in their purchase. Part of the integrity of Beverly diamonds is that they have amazing specialists always ready to assist with all customer inquiries and question, ranging from diamond questions to financial advice.

In the past people used to just go their local jeweler and get a quote for any diamond they like or more like a diamond the jeweler would try to sell and compare prices with anyone else that had some diamonds to offer. In today society Beverly Diamonds has changed so many ways people shop for their diamonds and jewelry. Beverly Diamonds integrity came from all these reasons and helped its company get its success that it has today.

Part of the integrity of Beverly Diamonds has been made up from its actually jewelry and some of it coming from its honesty. Furthermore, a lot of customers have been scammed by a lot of jewelers and when taking the leading retailer in the diamond industry “ Beverly Diamonds” as a reliable jeweler they have come to the realization that the integrity of Beverly Diamonds was not just born it was something that was built.

4 Aug

Trust Beverly Diamonds

Trust Beverly Diamonds? Much thought and attention should be taken when purchasing something online, whether it is a small item or a large one. Consumers should be doing their due diligence before hitting that “submit your order” button. While people still go about the 21st-century shopping on online like there is no tomorrow, there are some which are extremely cautious before doing so, just because there have been many cases where one may not be as satisfied as promised. The Diamond industry has been one of the industries that have been growing with the online boom. Beverly diamonds is one of the big companies leading in the industry that sells jewelry of great quality at very affordable prices.

The question arises should one trust Beverly Diamonds? One may say that Beverly Diamonds is a great company with many options in terms of buying your loved one a beautiful diamond ring or a stunning pendant, and some may say to not trust Beverly Diamonds. My personal take was that jewelry can be indeed purchased online with precaution. Furthermore, after dealing with so many companies in the industry many would agree that Beverly Diamonds is probably on the top leading online retailer.

The head office of Beverly Diamonds is there to ensure that all customers and consumers are 100% completely satisfied with their purchase. In regards to having faith in Beverly Diamonds, I would say that Beverly Diamonds is definitely a company I would continue to work with standby. My wife personally loves her jewelry we have purchased there and her ring is still shining and glowing.

Beverly Diamonds has proven to be a great company that delivers and sells amazing cost effective customized jewelry. My friends also have mentioned to me that they definitely should trust Beverly diamonds for the reasons mentioned above plus much more.

4 Aug

Beverly Diamonds despises gaming

Beverly Diamonds despises gaming.   Many are proposing the possibility that video games are not only harmless but they may even be beneficial to society. Johnson explains that the difficult levels of these games stimulate the mind. He suggests that this helps in child development and coordination. He also reports that violence and crime may be prevented through video games. Beverly Diamonds does not believe the fulfillment of criminal desires in cyber worlds will help release these desires in reality. Although the author brings many interesting points, I feel that there are several ideas which need further consideration. To Beverly Diamonds, video games are very much a sport of the individual. This why Beverly Diamonds despises gaming.

Beverly Diamonds understands that we live in a world in an interdependent society. Teamwork is crucial, on both a personal and professional level. In cyberspace, a child has no need for friends. Relationships are something no video game can create, yet are essential in development. Another point raised by Beverly Diamonds is the aspect of fantasy. Learning life lessons from a fantasy world is counterproductive. Consequences for actions in reality are logical and fair. This does not hold true for fantasy. A perfect example of this is a child who grazes his knee as he tripped on his shoelaces versus a character falling off a cliff, losing a “life”, then starting again. To Beverly Diamonds, there is nothing a video game can provide for a child that reading, writing a story, or playing basketball with friends cannot.

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Beverly Diamonds analyzed

Beverly Diamonds analyzed the data to find the variance. The variance is 272,368,404.40. Beverly Diamonds calculated this total by taking the mean of the data and figuring out the exact each distance of each result was from the mean. Then squaring the distance of each result from the mean. Once squared, the sum was totaled and divided by the number of results minus 1. The result of which is the variance, in this case of, 272,368,404.40. The standard deviation is $16,503.59. Which was found by calculating the square root of the variance.
Beverly Diamonds analyzed the data further and discovered the number of countries that have a real income per capita greater than the average income is 5. The reason for this being the fact that the average income was $56,672.07. The countries with income greater than that number are just Luxembourg, Switzerland, Macao SAR, China, Norway, and Qatar. Further analysis by the Beverly Diamonds team showed the number of countries in the 10% of the range is 7. The reason for this being the fact that the range was $60,230.90. Ten percent of that is $6,023.09. All of the countries that are within $6,023.09 of the beginning of the range would translate into any country that has a GDP per capita below $47,242.95.  When Beverly Diamonds analyzed the data it uncovered 7 countries within this area.
After Beverly Diamonds analyzed the data, it concluded that even among wealthy countries some disparity does exist between those at the very top. However, as a whole aside from the extreme outliers like Luxemburg, it seems that wealth among the richest nations is normally distributed. It would be interesting to see the GDP per capita of all countries, whether the distribution would still remain normal. When Beverly Diamonds analyzed the data, the calculations show an abnormal distribution of income .

3 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Complaints Online

Beverly Diamonds Complaints Online

When I grew up in the early 1950’s diamonds were something that was a huge deal in purchasing. My father went almost every month to the diamond dealers to see what type of deal he can get on a good sized stone. Then in about the early 2000’s the online business started to boom and many small and big retailers started to sell online. Beverly Diamonds complaints online were something that started to come up at the same time as the early boom of diamond selling online.

The title of Beverly Diamonds complaints online has some people thinking to themselves is shopping online for the diamonds really something that should be done or something that should be avoided. My take on the Beverly Diamonds complaints online was that any retailer or online wholesale jeweler that went ahead and took the risk to start selling in that manner should be properly verified and just abandoned because of a few negative or bad online reviews.

Like many people Beverly Diamonds complaints online was something which I thought was alarming in the beginning, until I did my full research on this pretty reputable company actually. The business they run is quite an amazing one actually, they provide beautiful diamonds at low and cheap prices, something that cannot be obtained by anyone.

My experience once I did my research and actually shopped on their online website, is that Beverly Diamond complaint online was something that people are making in order to persuade and deter that regular customer from shopping online or even buying by someone they have not been in contact with for a long time.

The business has been changing ever since those small or big retailers went online and started to cut their prices in half and offer the same quality jewelry. From my experience in the jewelry business, I say that Beverly diamonds complaints online was not something I would concern about. Furthermore, my own jewelry sets have been purchased there.

1 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Quality

Beverly Diamonds Quality


Beverly Diamonds Quality can always be trusted because the diamonds are enhanced at the source. Right after the diamonds are cut less than 2% of the diamonds are chosen to be enhanced. The enhancement process is only able to be done to about. In general clarity enhanced diamonds are extremely rare and difficult to purchase. The average jeweler doesn’t carry clarity enhanced diamonds and if they do they have a very limited inventory. The best place for a consumer to go and purchase a clarity enhanced diamond is to an online reputable manufacturer of clarity enhanced diamonds. As far as center diamonds go, you can always trust the Beverly Diamonds Quality.

The Beverly Diamonds Quality enhancement process is one of the best in the industry. The enhancement takes place immediately after the stone is cut, this is unparalleled in the diamond world. We all know that only very few diamonds are chosen to be clarity enhanced & obviously not every single inclusion and flaw will be able to be eliminated. Actually part of the art and science behind the treatment process actually has a tremendous amount to do with finding and choosing specific diamonds where the inclusions are near the surface of the diamond. The Beverly Diamonds Quality selecting process for choosing there diamonds to be enhanced is very meticulous and has been for over 15 years. After they are chosen, these diamonds are considered “treatable” and the inclusions disappear smoothly and are no longer visible to the naked eye.

Only a limited select few individuals throughout the world even have the means or the ability to physically perform the “Treatment Process” or “Clarity Enhancement Process”. The technology needed for enhancements is a proprietary technology and is kept hush hush, and top secret throughout the industry. Only a very few companies have the exact formula and mechanics along with the measurements and science to complete a quality enhancement process. Diamonds&Gold Magazine wrote an article last fall stating that the Beverly Diamonds Quality Enhancement process is the most precise and mathematical process they have ever seen. Of course the details were kept quiet to the public.

The process of treating diamonds came into fruition in 1981 in Israel.  Since then Israel has still remained the pioneer in clarity enhancing diamonds. The scientific and or, technical name for the actual treatment behind the process of clarity enhancement is what we call “fracture filling”. Every single enhancement process to each individual stone needs to be completely customized for that specific diamond. The Beverly Diamonds Quality control and diamond selecting team tests the strength and durability of every diamond chose before the diamond undergoes the fracture filling process.

The Beverly Diamonds Quality that consumers all across the world have come to love is a combination of the selecting process, the actual fracture filling, and the treatment of the diamond afterwords. After the treatment, a microscopic quantity of filler is surgically and precisely injected into the drill hole. It obscures and tricks the actual light diffraction of that specific flaw in the stone. Which causes the light to pass right through the feather, instead of the light being reflected off of them and stopping the light. This is the real secret behind the Beverly Diamonds Quality which is found in all there rings.