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How Does Beverly Diamonds Deal With Unreal Beverly Diamonds Complaints?

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Purity Of Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds complaints are baseless. The seller, Beverly Diamonds, has made it quite clear that they are no responsible for any Beverly Diamonds scam reports which are being spread online.

It is not all surprising that Beverly Diamonds is the most reputed online seller of diamonds in US because of the purity of diamonds it sells. It makes one wonder at the huge popularity of Beverly Diamonds. There were many online diamonds sellers when Beverly Diamonds came into the market. However, it sprang into fame very quickly. That, of course, has created many competitors for the seller.

Unlike other diamond sellers, Beverly Diamonds rarely depends on any huge advertising campaigns or commercials to popularize itself among the public. Instead, it depends on true business practices. Beverly Diamonds has people’s trust as its strength.

At Beverly Diamonds, people get pure diamonds at the original market price. Whether you are a new customer or existing customer, you are treated equally by Beverly Diamonds and get the jewelry worth your money. This unbiased and genuine business practice has helped Beverly Diamonds become the number one diamonds seller in the market.

Beverly Diamonds Scam
Diamonds Testing Methods

If you tell any customer about the Beverly Diamonds complaints or Beverly Diamonds scam reports, they will make fun of you for your sheer ignorance. Beverly Diamonds sells only pure diamonds – it is a known fact and everyone is aware of it. So, everyone turns to Beverly Diamonds when buying diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds has got an excellent team of gemologists. They work round the clock, answering queries of people from different parts of the world. These experts also help you buy appropriate diamond jewelries for your special occasions. The advice is given totally free. And users are not forced to buy diamonds just because they sought some advice from the seller.

Beverly Diamonds does free diamond testing service on behalf of customers. If you have purchased diamond from any other seller and suspect its purity, you can get it tested there too. The gemologists at Beverly Diamonds will provide you with simple diamond testing methods. If you wish, you can get your diamonds tested by these experts as well. Now you know why there are no legitimate Beverly Diamonds complaints.

Online review 19 May

Roof Access

Roof Access


Having roof access in an apartment building is one of the greatest things to have.  Most people do not think about that when trying to find an apartment. Most people think about the obvious important things like how many bedrooms they need  and how many bathrooms they want. Then there are the less important things like is there a dishwasher and how many people can fit in the kitchen at one time. For some reason, most people don’t ask about roof access. Maybe the reason for that is because people are afraid of heights. But that is a small percentage of people. Most people don’t ask about that because they just do not realize the value of having roof access.


Park Slope


There are some obvious reason why I love having roof access. One, you are able to host as many people as you want and you are not limited to how many people you can fit in your living room. The roof goes over the entire building, even if a small area is blocked off you will have a lot more space than your dining space in your apartment. In addition to the more space, people are able to walk around comfortably. In an apartment where space is tight to move around you have to jump over chairs. With the amount of room, there is on a roof it can be done easily without everyone bumping into each other.


Second and in my mind most important, the view. I live in Brooklyn, New York and the view of the  city from my roof is amazing. On a nice evening, I can sit on the roof either by myself or with friends for hours. We just sit there and steer into the stars and gaze upon the beautiful lights of the city of Manhattan. It is like steering in a beautiful diamond from Beverly Diamonds. You can just sit there and be amazed for hours. Therefore, the next time you are looking for an apartment makes sure to look for one with roof access


For more information about Beverly diamonds log onto beverlydiamonds.com and if you would like to see some Beverly Diamonds reviews check out http://www.pristinediamondsca.com/category/beverly-diamonds/

20 Apr

Buy from Companies like Beverly Diamonds

Buy from Beverly Diamonds

Buy  from Companies like Beverly Diamonds

Information became easily and effortlessly accessible through the web today. With it came a new era of buying and selling. Online stores are a hit, and customers seem to like it more than going to an establishment to shop. And because of this, one must be cautious in purchasing anything off the web.

In buying jewelries, we often shop in local stores in order to see designs that best suits our taste. But in sometimes, going to local shops can be painful to your pocket. Because of this, people would rather search online for that same design and buy it from there. But are you sure you are not buying from thousands of scammers out there? The best way to ensure the safety of your purchase is to buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds.

Buy from Beverly Diamonds

Beverly diamonds have been in the business for more than a decade. Serving tens of thousands happy customers. Looking through the online jewelry market, their pricing is unbeatable and surely the designs will take your breath away. Surely, if you buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, regret is not to be expected.

Another pride of this company is the customization of rings. Yes, they do not have all the designs available but, the option to customize a ring for you is as good as having all the designs available out there. The process is simple and not at all confusing. An email with the images of the design you want with a detailed explanation of the alterations are the only thing you need in order to start the process. Buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, companies that know how to customize ring is a rare find. Their professional designers are the best in their field. The customer service is very reliable and they cater to your needs in jewelry repairs, issues with purchases, and even give the best price on their very low priced items.

Buy from companies like Beverly Diamonds, you will not regret it.

Online review 14 Apr

Online review.


Reading an online reviews is one of the trickiest things to do. How do you know which ones to trust and which ones not to trust. How do you which online review is from a angry customer that has a legitimate reason of why he or she is angry and which is from a customer that is writing a bad online review just to hurt the business. It can either be from an upset former employee or a customer that decided that she or he is going to try to blackmail the company into getting what that person wants. It is not only the bad online review that needs to be  examined. A good online review needs the same amount of examining. How can you tell which good online review was written by a customer and which was written by the company themselves trying to promote the company.


Beverly Diamonds online reviews
Beverly Diamonds online reviews


To help answer the question about an online review I am going to look at Beverly Diamonds reviews. Beverly Diamonds is an Online Jewelry company that has many positive reviews as well as some not so great reviews. The thing that sticks out the most about Beverly Diamonds reviews is the amount of positive reviews there are.  When I see 2 or 3 amazing reviews and many bad ones it make me think that the 2 or 3 great reviews are not real. When I look at Beverly Diamonds reviews and the amount of great reviews there are I am sure that I can trust them


Another thing to note when looking Beverly Diamonds reviews there are some not so great online reviews. After carefully examining the negative online review it made me think that it is just an unhappy person that is looking to blackmail the company. It does not make sense that there will be so many great Beverly Diamonds reviews and then one terrible online review.


For more information about Beverly Diamonds reviews log on to.


Beverly Diamonds 13 Apr

Enhanced Diamonds.

Enhanced Diamonds.


Enhanced diamonds are becoming more and more popular. Aside from the obvious reason for why that is happening such as people do not want to be spending $8,000 for a certified diamond. Enhanced Diamonds are becoming more and more popular because with today’s technology, enhanced diamonds look almost as good as non enhanced diamonds. Buying a 1 carat enhanced diamonds can run from anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 and  2 carat enhance diamonds will go up to $8,000 which is about the same price people pay for 1 carat non enhanced diamonds.


Enhanced Diamonds.
Enhanced Diamonds.


There are a few things to be careful of and to know about before buying enhanced diamonds. Being that the enhancement is added to the diamond therefore the you have to make sure you do not do anything that can affect the enhancement. One of the most common ways that the enhancement gets ruined is when people re-size their rings without telling the jeweler that their diamond was enhanced. When a fire is put to enhanced diamonds it can cause the enhancement to come out. When resizing the ring you would have to make sure that the diamond is first taken out of the prongs and then the ring is re-sized. Otherwise it can cause that the enhancement will come out.


Doing day to day activities won’t effect  Enhanced Diamonds. You can type on a keyboard, drive a car, clean the dishes with hot water and there is nothing for you to worry about. If you are a fire fighter or make barbecues very often I would consider staying away from enhanced diamonds if you are not willing to take the ring off when you are doing those things.


For more information about enhanced diamonds and the best ways to take care of them log on to



Have a great day.


John Snow.

Affordable Rings. 13 Apr

Affordable Rings



The price of diamonds are getting higher and higher. Even if some report out there says the price of diamonds are going down.However, for the bottom line consumer such as you and me the prices are just going up. The simple way to prove this is by looking at prices in some of the big jewelry stores. Not only is the price of diamonds going down the price of gold is dropping as well and again the price drop that everyone is talking about is not actually effecting  the retail market. So the questions everyone should be asking is why am I paying a lot of money for rings when in theory this should be the time that we should be buying affordable rings.


The simple answer to why affordable rings are not very available is because when the price of diamonds drops is does not have a major affect on stores that already have diamonds. Also, just because you see that the price of diamonds dropped does not mean that all diamond prices dropped. It can be only diamonds that are 2 carats or higher. For ab average person looking for affordable rings a 3 carat diamond is not what the person is going to be purchasing.


One of the best solutions for buying affordable rings is to shop around. Many stores don’t want to take a big loss when the price of diamonds drop therefore when someone comes into their store looking for affordable rings they will sell them rings at the highest possible price point that they can sell it out. By shopping around it makes it easier to find affordable rings because you are not locking into the first place you look at. One of the stores that I found that carries many affordable rings is Beverly Diamonds. They carry a very large selection of rings in many different styles. A great thing about Beverly Diamonds which helps them sell affordable rings is that they do high volume therefore it is easier for Beverly Diamonds to keep prices as low as possible.


For more information about Beverly Diamonds and their large selection of very affordable rings log on to.    https://www.beverlydiamonds.com/2-carat-round-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-vs2-h-pid-96461-2.html

Beverly Diamonds 8 Apr

Check out Beverly Diamonds    

Check out Beverly Diamonds


I often write suggestion articles with long stories that come to a certain conclusion. In this case my only suggestion is if you are looking for a diamond ring or bracelet go check out Beverly Diamonds. For starters they have a huge selection of rings. I tried comparing it with other companies and their selection was either a lot bigger and/or a lot nicer. Another thing and possibly more important, their price is the best out there. I called other companies to compare prices and and they were not able to even come close. However for me the thing that I loved about them the most is how they worked with me to custom make the ring for me.


I always knew I wanted my ring to be a little different and after reading many Beverly Diamonds reviews I decided to check out Beverly Diamonds website. Right way I noticed that they were a legitimate company. But I did not know if they would be able to work with me to create the perfect ring for me. We all want the nicest things, however not always are we able to afford them. With Beverly Diamonds they did not over charge me to custom make the ring. Honestly, I don’t think they made a large profit on the ring, because of the deal I got. However the one thing they definitely did get is a very happy a loyal customers that will write all over the Internet to go check out Beverly Diamonds.


Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds


Not to bore everyone with the details but I wanted a by ring to be a little thicker than the rings that they have and instead of a prong setting for the center diamond I wanted to be more like a cup setting. Within a week Beverly Diamonds had the ring at the setters putting all the diamonds in the ring. Three days later the ring was at my door. Another ring that I love about Beverly Diamonds is that all of their rings are made in the United States. I don’t want to spend a lot of money and then find out that the ring was made in China and other places that does cheap labor. If you are reading this article and thinking about buying a ring go check out Beverly Diamonds it will be worth you time.


To check out Beverly Diamonds log on to beverlydiamonds.com and if you want to see more of Beverly Diamonds reviews you can check out this link http://www.pristinediamondsca.com/category/beverly-diamonds/

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Schedule an appointment with Beverly Diamonds.



One of the hardest things about buying a ring on the Internet is not seeing the ring in person before buying it. Some people want to see the ring before buying it because they want to make sure it is what he is hoping she is going to say yes to. Others go with their fiance to look at rings because she is going to be wearing the ring for a long time and therefore wants to chose the ring herself. For this reasons Beverly Diamonds tells their customers, all you have to do to look at their rings in person is call up  and schedule an appointment with Beverly Diamonds.




One a potential customers calls to schedule an appointment with Beverly Diamonds their time is set. Beverly Diamonds makes sure that there is no one else coming into their show room during that time. Buying the perfect ring takes concentration and focus and Beverly Diamonds does not think it is right to have other people while a customer called to schedule an appointment with Beverly Diamonds during that time slot.


Once a customer is in their show room, there are many things the customer can look at. The customer can ask to look at some of the rings in Beverly Diamonds very large selection on rings. As well as when  an appointment with Beverly Diamonds is set the customer can even look at some of their diamonds. Even if the customer has never held a diamond before in his or her life, the sales representative and Beverly Diamonds will give the customer diamonds to hold and teach the customer all about diamonds.


So the next time you are in the downtown Los Angeles area. Make sure to Schedule an appointment with Beverly Diamonds. Once you look at their rings and diamonds you or your fiance will fall in love with them. The only thing to hope is that she does not fall in love with more than one of their rings.

Beverly Diamonds 30 Mar

Rings in Downtown LA.

Rings in Downtown LA.


When I started looking for a diamond ring I went to the diamond district to look for rings in downtown LA. The diamond district is one of the most fascinating places I have been to. In just a few blocks there are at least 500 booths selling  Jewelry. There are booths that sell rings booths that sell necklaces. Some booths sell only the gold while others sell only diamonds. Searching for a place that sells diamond rings felt like a scavenger hunt. In no way am I saying that there are only a few booths in the downtown LA diamond district that sell rings, there are many. However, they are spread all over the malls and trying to find them was not very easy.


After walking around for what felt like 2 hours I stopped by a booth in that sold only rings. I looked at the rings and was not very impressed. They had a decent selection of rings but non of them seem to be the perfect look. Only one of the rings I lookeke at was close to what I was looking for. I asked them if they can custom make a ring, they said they can but they seemed more interested in selling that particular ring to me. I was not please at all with that. I am pretty easy going but I do not want to be forced to buy something that I do not particularly want. So I left. I pulled out my phone and googled, rings in downtown LA. I had no more energy to run around from booth to booth hoping that one of the rings in a booths very limited selection will be the perfect ring for me.

Diamond district
Diamond district

One of the first companies that came up in my search for rings in downtown LA was Beverly Diamonds. Beverly Diamonds is primarily and online company, they do not have a booth rather an office in one of the big buildings. I walked into their office and the sales woman was very nice. She offered me a chair and water. Trust me I needed it. I picked a ring from their beautiful website and asked them if they can make one change for me. She very happily said that is is not problem at all. I would have never guessed that looking for rings in downtown LA could have been as easy as putting the search into Google. I did not have to travel all the way to the diamond district to look for rings in Downtown LA.


Being that I leaned my lesson, I want to make sure everyone else knows. When looking for rings in downtown LA don’t travel there. Just go a computer and put in BeverlyDiamonds.com, you will find a beautiful selection and the best part is if you want to make  any changes to one of their rings all you have to do is ask.

22 Mar

Cheap rings on the Internet

Cheap rings on the Internet


Ever since the big Internet boom in the 1990’s ,more and more businesses are going online. As well as more and more people are looking for cheap rings on the Internet. One of the  obvious reasons for  that is, store fronts use to only be able to sell to customers that walked into the store. There was no way for a store in Dayton Ohio to reach a customer in Los Angeles California. The same thing went for someone in Tucson Arizona that was looking to purchase a ring from a seller in the diamond district in New York. He would have to book a plane ticket, fly all the way to New York just to buy it. Then the Internet came around and changed everything. Now someone can buy a ring from anywhere in the world. More and more people are going to the Internet to purchase things from daily groceries to sporting tickets to diamond rings. Purchasing things on the Internet made what use to be a huge hassle something that can be done from your living room couch.


Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds


There are some downsides to buying things on the Internet. One of the biggest downsides is that, no one is 100 percent sure what they are purchasing. If someone is buying a shirt he or she will not be one hundred percent sure what the shirt feels like. In addition to that this person also does not know how the shirt looks on him or her, unless this person had previously bought this identical shirt. When people are going online looking to purchase cheap rings on the Internet, almost every time this person has not previously seen the diamond or ring that he will be receiving. Therefore, there are a few things that everyone looking to purchase cheap rings on the Internet should do before making their purchase.


First thing is to look at the websites return policy. If an online store does not allow returns, I would recommend staying away from them. I would never purchase a ring from a company that would force me to keep the ring if I am not happy with it. A second thing to do is have an idea of what size he is looking for. Many rings are not realizable, therefore, it is highly not recommended to purchase a ring without knowing the right size. The third and final thing to do when looking to purchase cheap rings on the Internet. Don’t just buy from the cheapest place. Make sure the company is a legitimate company before making the purchase. Just because they advertise a 2 carat VVS1 D color diamond ring for $6,000.00 does not mean that is what you are going to be getting. If a deal looks too be good to be true it usually is.


Beverly Diamonds is an approved diamond seller. For more information on them and for cheap rings on the Internet. Log on to beverlydiamonds.com

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Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Online shopping is the norm nowadays.  For people who are looking for great deals and amazing prices on quality items buying online can be tricky. Any fine item bought online must be from a company with a good reputation. Fine items like diamonds and jewelries are one of the products that can be bought on the internet. One of the companies to check is Beverly Diamonds. While looking for Beverly Diamonds reviews online, plenty review sites come out. These Beverly Diamonds reviews can help a person with purchasing from companies like them.

What can we find out about Beverly Diamonds? What do people say about them? As I browse the web to look for Beverly Diamonds reviews and to see what this company has to offer, I found great reviews from review sites that would be of help to anyone who wanted to purchase a ring or any jewelry from them. Here is what I found out.


Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds


Beverly Diamonds has more than just engagement rings. If you look at the website’s  home page you will see that don’t only carry rings, but also earrings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and even men wedding bands. You can pick out designs that best fit your style, as well as how big you want your center diamond to be. The eternity bands are to die for. And as one of the Beverly Diamonds reviews I saw online, the prices are unbelievably unbeatable and yet the product quality is superb. There is nothing they could’ve asked for upon opening the box they received.

Website Browsing

The website is designed for easy browsing and shopping online. The products are well categorized and designs can easily be viewed on each category’s menu. You can move through the website smoothly and the information such as return policies, education page, and terms and conditions are found easily to provide consumers information about Beverly Diamonds. One of the Beverly Diamonds reviews that I saw was from a customer who was not really good in online browsing. And according to him, Beverly Diamonds made it easy for him to purchase the ring he wanted to give his wife.

Customer Service

When it comes to buying online, a consumer checks the service the company provides. How they are with customers and how they provide their assistance to a client in need. In the many Beverly Diamonds reviews that I read about, the customer service they provide is sublime. They accommodate the needs of the customers and happily provide help if you are having difficulty with your purchase. There are customers that left their review about how fast the service was and how they were able to get all the information they need in order to make a smooth transaction with them. A customer left Beverly Diamonds a review stating that she needed a ring in a short period of time and Beverly Diamonds made it happen for her. Even though the company makes the rings from scratch, they pulled through.

These information are just some of the many positive things I found out about Beverly Diamonds. Of course you are bound to see some unsatisfied purchases, but the good reviews Beverly Diamonds have out-number the bad ones. Let’s admit it, even other big companies like them have unsatisfied customers. Even the largest corporations in the world have them. Check out more Beverly Diamonds Reviews at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/beverlydiamonds.com