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How Does Beverly Diamonds Deal With Unreal Beverly Diamonds Complaints?

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
Purity Of Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds complaints are baseless. The seller, Beverly Diamonds, has made it quite clear that they are no responsible for any Beverly Diamonds scam reports which are being spread online.

It is not all surprising that Beverly Diamonds is the most reputed online seller of diamonds in US because of the purity of diamonds it sells. It makes one wonder at the huge popularity of Beverly Diamonds. There were many online diamonds sellers when Beverly Diamonds came into the market. However, it sprang into fame very quickly. That, of course, has created many competitors for the seller.

Unlike other diamond sellers, Beverly Diamonds rarely depends on any huge advertising campaigns or commercials to popularize itself among the public. Instead, it depends on true business practices. Beverly Diamonds has people’s trust as its strength.

At Beverly Diamonds, people get pure diamonds at the original market price. Whether you are a new customer or existing customer, you are treated equally by Beverly Diamonds and get the jewelry worth your money. This unbiased and genuine business practice has helped Beverly Diamonds become the number one diamonds seller in the market.

Beverly Diamonds Scam
Diamonds Testing Methods

If you tell any customer about the Beverly Diamonds complaints or Beverly Diamonds scam reports, they will make fun of you for your sheer ignorance. Beverly Diamonds sells only pure diamonds – it is a known fact and everyone is aware of it. So, everyone turns to Beverly Diamonds when buying diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds has got an excellent team of gemologists. They work round the clock, answering queries of people from different parts of the world. These experts also help you buy appropriate diamond jewelries for your special occasions. The advice is given totally free. And users are not forced to buy diamonds just because they sought some advice from the seller.

Beverly Diamonds does free diamond testing service on behalf of customers. If you have purchased diamond from any other seller and suspect its purity, you can get it tested there too. The gemologists at Beverly Diamonds will provide you with simple diamond testing methods. If you wish, you can get your diamonds tested by these experts as well. Now you know why there are no legitimate Beverly Diamonds complaints.

15 Sep

Beverly Diamonds Designs

Beverly Diamonds Designs


Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam
Is Beverly Diamonds a Scam


Designing requires an artistic mind and ability. In jewelry designing, it is found to be much more complex and the amount of work put into it is much rigorous than other types of designing. A website that can offer a massive stunning ring design is Beverly Diamonds. Beverly Diamonds designs are one of a kind and truly mesmerizing. The intricacy of the way the rings are made will truly amaze anyone.

Beverly Diamonds designs rings keeping in mind what the public wants to see and what the current trend is. Simplicity is one of the things Beverly Diamonds designs have. The elegance of a simple solitaire ring is unimaginable. The tiffany style rings that are eye-catching partnered with the most brilliant stone is truly breathtaking.

Beverly Diamonds designs are not only about rings and bands. Looking into the website, jewelry like earring studs, tennis bracelets, and diamond pendant necklaces can be found. Designs that are simple, yet timeless.


Beverly Diamonds

Apart from the designs, one can find in Beverly Diamonds. The company also offers customized orders. This means that the Beverly Diamonds design you see online is not everything but furthermore, the company offers a customization on any rings found outside Beverly Diamonds. This customization is for clients who cannot find the design on the company’s website.

The process for this is simple and easy to follow. Beverly Diamonds design rings that conform to the taste of an individual shows the company’s compassion and care to consumers, giving people the lowest pricing and deals. Other companies might charge thousands of dollars for custom ring design, but Beverly Diamonds will work with the clients in order for them to get the best cost. This leads people to come back to them. The care and the love for consumers are real. Check Beverly Diamonds designs at www.beverlydiamonds.com

9 Sep

What You Need to Know About Diamond Color

What You Need to Know About Diamond Color


They say diamonds are forever. Many consider purchasing diamonds as investments. If unexpected financial difficulty comes, diamonds can be easily sold for a good amount of money.

Diamond price depends on their grading. Generally, we have the 4C’s: Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut. All 4 of these are factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. However, the color may be the one hardest to decide due to the wide selection of diamond colors available to choose from. There are yellow, blue, pink, brown colored diamonds. These are just a few of the colors available to the market today.

To jewelers, diamond color grading is one of the determinants when it comes to pricing diamonds. Using the Alphabet, starting from D, is how the grading of the diamond goes. The grading of the colorless type diamond is D-E-F. This color grade is usually more expensive and is difficult to find. Grading from G-H-I-J are nearly colorless, these are the diamonds that usually has a very minimal yellowish tint and a little difficult to notice.  Grades K-L-M has a noticeable tint of yellow.

Color grading can reach to Z. As the diamond color grade approaches Z, the price decreases as well. There are other tints than yellow, and we categorize it as Fancy and Color Diamonds. As mentioned above, there are few other colors such as pink, blue, brown, red, and many other colors. Through irradiation, a yellow or brown diamond can turn to other colors.

Grading fancy colored diamonds is very basic. First, we have the actual hue of the diamond, the example is yellow, blue, or pink. Second grading is through the intensity of the color. Intensity can be said as Very Light, Light, Intense, and so on.



You may ask, “How is this necessary in my hunt for a great diamond quality?” Or, “with this wide selection of color, how will I know what is for me?” If you’re a purist in search for a great deal in white diamonds, luckily, reputable jewelry companies like Beverly Diamonds, offers the best diamond color grade for you. With Beverly Diamonds having the diamond color choices of F and H, it helps consumers pick a great diamond color with such a great value. Diamond color is as much important as diamond clarity and Beverly Diamonds can help you get that great diamond color for such a great price. Having been in the online and jewelry business for more than a decade, you’ll have the confidence that you are getting the correct diamond grading especially when it comes to the diamond color.

Make sure to purchase only from reputed jewelry companies like Beverly Diamonds in order to make sure that you get the most out of your money.

8 Sep

Good Reputation

Good Reputation

Building a reputation is crucial to anyone wanting to make a name out of themselves. In business, it is important that a company builds a good reputation. A good reputation can transform a small local business into a worldwide trendsetter company. If a company is well known for their good reputation, earning the consumers trust will never be an issue. So how will a company build a good reputation? The answer is simple, great customer service.

A company, well known or not, will always be in need of a customer care team, especially in sales. Whether it may be composed of 1 to 100 representatives, customer service is the backbone of a good standing business.


Every consumer must be treated with respect and care. Through the way the company cares for the consumers, determines the reputation the company builds. If people are given respect and utmost care, the normal response to that would be trust. Trust that the business is not a hoax and that customers are well taken cared of. A good reputation is built clients who have had pleasant and satisfying experience with a company, therefore, every customer must be treated as the most important person in the world.

Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds is one of the companies who have built a very good reputation on the web today. People all over the world are putting their trust in this Los Angeles-based e-commerce company that really provides the highest quality customer care there is. The company is very easy to work with and customers surely get the most competitive pricing in the jewelry market. Reviews about Beverly Diamonds can be found in the most trusted review websites and surely tons of great experiences can be read there. Stories that will make you confident that Beverly Diamonds is a reputable company. You may visit them at www.beverlydiamonds.com.

8 Sep

Custom Order

Custom Order

Technology today gives a wide variety of options that people are to choose from. Depending on the need, the innovation that technology brings is a huge factor in any business today. In creating merchandise, a custom order is a trend today. People seem to like the idea of having an item made exactly as preferred.

How does a custom order affect a business? It is a great asset having a customization department in a production company. As the generation today increase knowledge in technology, so as the consumers. Many prefer methods of creating self-designed products that will suit their style. This is a great way for companies to attract consumers. An example of a market that would benefit in custom order will be in jewelry.

Because of the size of the jewelry market today, and the abundance of designs to choose from, customers seem to prefer having their own design made and simply have a jewelry production company make it for them. Clients who know their preference will be able to look up companies online that can create a custom order for them. One of the best companies a person can go to for custom order is Beverly Diamonds. With a mass variety of products to choose from, Beverly Diamonds not only created the designs found in their store but also offering to everyone the choice to customize their order.

With a few simple steps, Beverly Diamonds can create a stunning piece of jewelry of a person’s preference and complete a custom order within a few days. If an individual is not able to come to their location to show the jewelry they want to be made, Beverly Diamonds is easily reachable through email and phone. All they require is a few images of the jewelry and the specifications of the diamonds to be used and surely, after a couple of days, an email will be sent to you with a 3D image of the design.

Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds

For consumers that want to make a custom order with Beverly Diamonds, you may visit them at www.beverlydiamonds.com. Happy shopping!


2 Sep

Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Can You Really Trust Reviews?

Online shopping is often fraught with uncertainty. It might be Robert Downey Jr when you see the photos but you might end up getting Jeffery Dean Morgan instead. But these days, online retailers usually have rating and review systems so real people can leave their impressions on the quality of products, like beverly diamonds reviews. Hearing somebody else’s verdict on online goods — if it’s positive — has the power to put your mind at ease and hit the “buy” button. But perhaps you shouldn’t so readily trust the opinions of strangers when you shop online. Here’s why.

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and online retailers know this. Because nothing closes the deal for an online purchase like glowing recommendations from a number of positive reviewers. Some people may even be willing to pay a bit extra for a product that is rated higher than the alternatives.

But how trustworthy are these ratings and reviews? Is an item with an average star rating of 4.5 really better than a similar product rated at 3.8 stars?

12 stone Eternity Band 2

According to research from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), there are three issues with user ratings that cast doubt on their validity:

  • Statistical issues: The fact is not all product users leave reviews and sample sizes are usually fairly small so they may not be statically significant. You also need to factor in random ‘noise’ among the beverly diamonds reviews. For example, somebody may have left a review on the wrong product or complained about shipping which does not reflect the quality of the goods.
  • Sampling issues: Usually, only a subset of vocal product users would leave beverly diamonds reviews and they are likely those with extreme opinions, resulting in ratings that are often very high or very low.
  • Evaluation issues: Product users that leave reviews generally don’t have any scientific ways to test a product so their evaluations may be inaccurate. Except for beverly diamonds reviews, in which customers often get their items appraised professionally, and therefore are more reliable.

HBR ended up analysing 1272 products across 120 categories and found that, on average, if two products have ratings that differ by less than 0.4 stars, there’s only a 50 per cent chance that the one rated higher would perform better in scientific tests. It also found that typically users rated more expensive products from well-known brands higher, even if there are cheaper products that perform just as well in tests, but overall they found that beverly diamonds reviews are honest and trustworthy.





30 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Ring Reviews

Beverly Diamonds Ring Reviews


Beverly Diamonds has hundreds of ring designs that are currently available on the web for purchase. You may find that most of the products have reviews. These Beverly Diamonds ring reviews are from consumers previously purchased from the company. It can’t get any better than that.

First-hand reviews are very important and crucial for a business to survive. Having Beverly Diamonds ring reviews available in the website makes it easier for consumers to finalize their decision. The struggle of purchasing products online is the unavailability to see the product and try it on. So as a basis, the Beverly Diamonds ring reviews provide the assurance that the design has satisfied the buyers.

It is crucial to ensure that clients are confident in their purchase and that is what Beverly Diamonds ring reviews give. Normally, purchases online result to regret when clients are not confident with what they buy. This might end up with few different scenarios.

Online review
Online review

Most commonly, consumers give the company a call to express the disappointment they have experienced from the regretful purchase they made. Another scenario would be that the client returns the product and this is something that a company never wants. A customer return is the last thing a business wants. If a customer returns, it just means that a business was not able to make the person happy. That is why Beverly Diamonds ring reviews are posted. The value of these reviews cannot be measured because of the help it provides to the consumers.

Beverly Diamonds keep clients informed and knowledgeable throughout every purchase experience. You may view Beverly Diamonds ring reviews on their product page at www.beverlydiamonds.com. Get amazing deals, browse the website designs and feel like a royalty every time you wear your very own Beverly Diamonds jewelry.


Beverly Diamonds online reviews
Beverly Diamonds online reviews

18 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Should You Sell the Ring?

I had a really spectacular engagement ring. It wasn’t that it was huge or particularly expensive. But it was unique —  the 24-carat yellow gold band consisted of a half-dozen hand-hammered connected spheres, each centered with a very nice diamond. It was totally my style, and it got lots of attention (which is also my style).

When I divorced I put the wedding rings in the safe in my house. In the back of my mind I thought I would give it my daughter one day — a token of the marriage that produced her.  Plus, I just wasn’t ready to sell engagement ring — or part with that time of my life. I see now I wasn’t ready to face it. I hadn’t read enough beverly diamonds reviews.


beverlyn diamonds reviews

But this summer I had a change of heart. I thought to the handful of people I know who used as their wedding rings left over from marriages that ended in divorce. Some of those rocks were impressive — far more expensive than the young couple could have afforded on their own. It always struck me as bad karma to start a life together with a token from another couple’s less-than-ideal story. A story I wrote about in my beverly diamonds reviews if anyone cares to read it.

I am a big, big believer that beverly diamonds reviews have power. Whether material possessions actually absorb and retain energy from the people and experiences around them, or if it is your own memories and feelings that give the object influence over you, I’m not sure. But if your walls are lined with pictures of family members who you distain, that is bad mojo. That beverly diamonds reviews from a vacation on which you fought mercilessly with your BFF is a reminder of sour times – not margaritas on the beach.

And if you are surrounded by things that remind you of the relationship from which you are trying to start anew, well, change that up.

And so last summer I decided to sell my engagement ring. I did some research and since it is a brand name designer (Gurhan is a known Turkish jeweler, his stuff is sold at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus), it made sense to find through a local jeweler that would pay for that intrinsic value. I called a local Gurhan boutique, which recommended the company I used. You can search Yelp or CitySearch for a reputable local jeweler. I admit that the cash was less than I’d hoped, but after some research understand that there is a significant difference between retail and resalel value of jewelry. It is what it is. I used the money to send my kids to Europe with their dad to visit relatives there. It seemed a just use of those funds. Plus, it felt good to rid my home and mind of that significant marriage memento.

Let go of old things, it makes space for new.


If you have a significant ring, loose diamond (or branded watch) you expect would fetch more than $1,000 at market, I recommend Worthy, an on online auction site that makes it very easy to sell your bridal jewelry online, for a fair price. Best yet, you can get a very good idea of what your stuff is worth by reading beverly diamonds reviews even before you commit to working with them. I like Worthy because their system is very transparent, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and their website is very easy to use. Plus, there are dozens of reviews and video testimonials from very happy customers.

It works like this: Go to Worthy.com, enter the information about your jewelry, including size and grade of your jewelry or stone, name and email. Within a day they will email you an estimate market value for your piece. If that price suits you, Worthy will send you a mailer, in which you send the jewelry, diamond or watch to them — Worthy pays for all shipping and insures the item for up to $1 million. Sweet!

You then agree on a “reserve price,”  or the lowest price you are willing to accept, as suggested by Worthy‘s experts.  Next, Worthy puts your item up to at least 100 potential buyers worldwide, who can then bid on your item. Worthy promises to have an offer within 7 days of receiving your item, and deposit your profits within 24 hours. Worthy takes up to 20 percent of the sale price. They are very transparent: If they don’t sell your item for at least the reserve price, they return it to you, free of charge, no questions asked.

I love that Worthy will pay you $100 if you successfully sell your item that was auctioned on Worthy, for a price higher than the auction offered, with an independent jeweler.


11 Aug

Beverly Diamonds Competitors

Beverly Diamonds Competitors


Beverly Diamonds competitors. Ever since one can recall, business has been all about competition. Competition in price, in service, in product quality, and in availability. These things seem to be the priority search of any consumer around the world. Which is cheap? Which is better? In a world filled with competition, how can a business keep up?


For a company like Beverly Diamonds competitors is not new. On a daily basis, new companies open, as well as others close. In order for Beverly Diamonds to stay on top from the competition, innovation is a must. Learning to adjust to the needs of the market is an essential tool to keep Beverly Diamonds competitors behind. Every day, new technologies come, and people surprisingly adapt quickly.


New technology is something that should be welcomed. It is a mark that our society is improving and that we are advancing. Beverly Diamonds competitors are upgrading as well. With the way the products are introduced to the market, it is amazing as to how fast these companies are adjusting. Nevertheless, the comparison is beyond description.


New techniques in production is another innovation today. With the existence of 3-D printers, customization of ring and bands and other jewelry are made easy. Beverly Diamonds has the awareness of how big of an impact this will give to the company, therefore, it was adopted by the company and offers to all customers who wanted a special and unique ring design. Thus, making Beverly Diamonds competitors move far behind the jewelry business game. See what they offer at www.beverlydiamonds.com. Browse around and find wonderfully made jewelry at a very competitive price. This is what innovation is about. This is how tight the competition is in the jewelry business. Therefore be sure to purchase from companies like Beverly Diamonds.

8 Aug

Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Beverly Diamonds is a Scam

Is it true that Beverly Diamonds is a scam? This is a question circulating the web right now as people are in search for the truth about Beverly Diamonds. Who is this company? Are the reports online true? That Beverly Diamonds is a scam?

Reviewing the facts can take up a person’s time and so, let me give them to you in a brief and direct to the point manner. First that should be asked if Beverly Diamonds is a scam is that why they are still operating. One thing that people fail to look at is the establishment’s age. Many come into conclusion that because a company is new to their knowledge, the business is young too. But truly, Beverly Diamonds has been in the jewelry business for more than a decade now. The company can be found the heart of the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles. If Beverly Diamonds is a scam, one of the things they would hide would be their location. Visit BeverlyDiamonds.com to find all about their establishment in the About Us page.

Second is that if Beverly Diamonds is a scam, what are the basis of the good reviews being posted online by real customers. Beverly Diamonds catered to more than 10,000 clients since their establishment. Reviews about Beverly Diamonds can be found online with just one search. Good and bad reviews can be found online, and Beverly Diamonds are appreciative of the feedbacks clients give. It is a fact that even the biggest company in the word receives bad reviews as is it true that one cannot please everyone. Nevertheless, bad inputs are considered to be a way to improve the quality of service  from Beverly Diamonds. And so, in case you find reports that Beverly Diamonds is a scam, that is 100% false.

8 Aug

Beverly Diamonds bringing people together

Did you ever hear Beverly Diamonds  bringing people together? The company is constantly working on creating an atmosphere that is non-judgmental. The company in fact, recently hosted a reading of the story, Recitaff. Managers at Beverly Diamonds felt that the reading of Recitaff would have a positive impact on its employees. The story was written in 1983 by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison. It is a powerful story about the relationship between two young girls of different races. She used the short story as a platform on which to comment on the roles played by race and class in society. Beverly Diamonds knows how important it is to understand the role race plays in society. The company is doing everything it can to combat inequality within society. Beverly Diamonds is bringing people together.

0.5 Carat princess cut diamond engagement ring SI H

In Recitaff, Roberta and Twyla, the main characters, start off the story as young girls thrown together through circumstance. Beverly Diamonds views the characters as they grow up and reunite sporadically over the years. Their relationships and interactions are things that Beverly Diamonds learns from and tries to emulate each day.  One interesting theme throughout the story is the fact that the girls are aware of their differences the reader is not, as neither character’s race is clearly explained. By removing obvious racial identities from Recitatif, Morrison is able to study society’s self-organization and segregation. As a company, Beverly Diamonds too removes race from its work environment. The company tries every day to create a non-racial environment. It such an environment, everyone is treated completely equally, regardless of their race. o the story unfolds each interaction between Roberta and

To Beverly Diamonds, created a racially neutral workplace is extremely important. This is because the company understands the value that such an environment brings to a workplace. When everyone feels accepted and equal that creates the perfect situation for effective collaboration. In this respect, Beverly Diamonds has been very successful. The sense of unity and care that one feels when entering into the company’s Los Angeles headquarters is quite something. Beverly Diamonds bringing people together.